‘For Better or Worse’ co-star shares her tips for staying healthy and fabulous


Kiki Haynes

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Staying fit working on a sitcom is tough on one’s schedule, but Kiki Haynes — co-star in Tyler Perry’s sitcom “For Better or Worse,” the aggravating ex-wife of lead character Marcus — can handle it. In this exclusive HellaWella interview, Haynes talks about her exercise regimen, healthy habits and food choices.

With a role in a sitcom, your schedule is probably packed. How do you stay in shape?
I plan ahead. I schedule my workouts just like I do my shoots, meals, meetings, etc. I find by having a pre-set agenda, it's much easier to stay the course than if I just go with the flow and have the idea of "oh, I'll squeeze it in somewhere."

Does your exercise routine change when you're not working or during an "off day?"
Definitely. On shoot days, I limit my workout to one-evening-hour cycle classes. After a long day's work, I am tired and ready to just go home and relax. So by going to a class, I don't have to motivate myself, I can rely on the instructor for guidance and my fellow classmates for motivation to get through the hour. Off days, I'll include weights, stretching and relaxing in the sauna so my workouts are closer to two hours.

What do you like to do to relax?
I love the outdoors, so I am big on walks in the park, hiking, reading a good book on the balcony or by the pool, window shopping, etc. I’m also very into pampering myself. So I enjoy getting massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. I like simple relaxing plans like going to lunch or dinner with a good friend and enjoying great conversation. Catching a cool movie, going to get-togethers, game nights, etc.

What tricks have you learned that help you balance health, exercise and a career over the course of 13 years?
Diversity. I've learned I have to keep variety in my workouts so my body doesn't get use to any one style of workout.

How do you stay motivated to eat right and exercise regularly?
Most people assume the automatic answer is to look good — and yes, that is a part of it — but the bigger motivation is to stay healthy. I want to keep my cholesterol levels balanced, keep my organs clean and nurtured, avoid the genetic disorder of diabetes on my father's side of the family and get my bones healthy and strong. My goal is to live to 94 or older.

Do you ever workout with your coworkers?
Yes. Kent Faulcon, who plays my husband on the show, works out with me often. We're both LA Fitness members and we keep one another motivated.

What types of foods do you eat to keep slim and healthy? What are your favorites?
I eat a lot of salads and greens. Some of my favorite ingredients are kale, broccoli, celery, spinach, cherry tomatoes, garbanzo beans, avocado, artichoke hearts, corn, olives, sliced almonds and cranberries.

More about Kiki Haynes:
Haynes began her acting career in 2000 after landing a role in Spike Lee’s “Bamboozled.” Other film credits include Shaft (2000); Brown Sugar (2002); “Nora’s Hair Salon” (2004); “Tournament of Dreams” (2007); “Restraining Order” (2006); “Double Duty” (2009); “My Girlfriend’s Back” (2010);; and the romantic comedy “Cream Soda” (2010). Haynes also starred in the hit stage play “The Bachelorette Party” has had guest-starring roles on daytime TV’s “As the World Turns” (2002) and “100 Centre Street” (2002).