10 awesome summer camps just for (not so) grown-ups


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If you want something a bit different than a fitness vacation or exotic fitness retreat, stealing away for a week dedicated to exploring other interests in a new environment — yes, like a summer camp — may be your thing.

Summer camp for grown-ups is a rising trend that has no signs of slowing down. Whatever your interest, you can find a camp for it. We listed 10 summer camps for grown-ups that blend the right amount of activity and relaxation for an experience you will never forget. While there won't be much "Kumbaya" around a campfire, there will be plenty of "ah." Enjoy!


1. Thrill seeker

If you’ve got money and the nerve, nothing will give you a larger adrenaline rush than experiencing jet pilot training and aerobatics; skydiving in front of Mount Everest; diving with great white sharks; or plowing through cars in a 60-ton Chieftain Battle Tank. And that’s just a few adventures you can choose from around the world. A company called Incredible Adventures can make it all happen … for a fee, of course. Who wouldn’t pay good money to be set on fire with legendary fire stunt man Ted Batchelor?



2. Dog lover

Camp Unleashed is meant to optimize your dog's world and build the dog-human relationship. The camp takes place in a forested setting with a private lake where your pooch can safely run free and all activities are designed to engage you and your dog in a relaxing, supportive environment.

They are so many fun activities you can enjoy as a doggy-human team: hiking, water sports, agility, canoeing, cognitive games and scent games to name a few.



3. Strung-out techie

It's sickening when you think about how attached we are to technology. We rely on it so much that we lose our connection with the universe. If you are nodding your head in agreement, check out Camp Grounded: "where grown-ups go to unplug, get away and be kids again."

Spend some time away from all things digital and "adult," get off the grid and free yourself. Their rules include "no talking about work; leave time behind; and no digital technology." Done! Instead, you can participate in activities you were daydreaming about at work: solar carving, sports, stargazing, sing-alongs, writing, candle-making, and archery to name a few.