The 10 best techniques for prepping your favorite produce


Frazzled woman surrounded by vegetables

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You don’t have to be a chef or foodie to enjoy cooking your own meals. But you may find that it’s a pain to peel garlic or negotiate your way around an artichoke. Well, get your chopping board and best knife ready because we’ve compiled a list of videos that will make life in the kitchen much easier for you.

Check them out and let us know if you’ve been doing it all wrong, or if your way is better.


How to seed a tomato

One of our favorite food bloggers, Jerry James Stone, shows us his technique on how to seed a tomato.


How to peel garlic

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Wondering how you can peel a head of garlic in under 10 seconds? Saveur shows you how.


How to cut a pineapple

Sarah Cook for BBC’s GoodFood.com demonstrates how to prepare and chop a pineapple so you don’t have to pay more money for pre-cut fruit. Get more bang for your buck!


How to chop an onion

Gordon Ramsey scares you to death while wielding his huge knife. He also shows you the proper way to chop an onion.


How to chop baby bok choy

Get the most out of your baby bok choy by following this quick guide on how to chop it. Easy peasy.