10 cats that just wanted to help you clean the house


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After leaving all that cat hair throughout your home, these guys just wanted to do their part in cleaning up the mess.


1. Swiffer duster, cat, what's the difference? 


2. They even work on carpet.


3. And as mops.


4. It's a team effort.


5. They reorganize when your home's feng shui is off. "Someone put a bunch of stuff on our perch. We moved it for you." 


6. Sometimes they'll team up with the Roomba to get your floor squeaky clean.


7. They'll even move the dog so the Roomba doesn't miss a spot.


8. Just make sure all your baby ducks are first moved to a safe place.


9. When you move the couch to vacuum, you'll find they've been helping you clean all along, actually. 


10. Be sure to vacuum your cat-duster when you're finished.