10 chilled soup recipes to get you through the heat wave


healthy soup recipes

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If 90-degree weather motivates us to do anything, it’s make cold soups. Because when you trek back home from work, sweating off what feels like all of the water you drank during the day, no other food satisfies quite as much as a chilled soup — and all you gotta do is pour it in a bowl and eat these healthy recipes.

Once you’ve had your fill of gazpacho and cold cucumber soup, try these other unique chilled soup recipes for a nutritious and refreshing meal.


Cold carrot soup with jalapeno coconut milk

If you’ve never tried cooking with coconut milk before, now’s your chance. The Asian staple makes this chilled soup from Spiced thick and creamy. You’ll also need shallots, cumin, carrots, chicken broth, lime juice, lime zest and jalapeno. Spiced even included instructions for creating a jalapeno coconut milk garnish so you can impress everybody with your fancy MasterChef-worthy skills.

Photo source: SpicedBlog.com

Summery watermelon soup

Who says summer soups have to be vegetable-based? Let watermelon steal the spotlight with this watermelon soup from Modern Day Forager. You’ll only need six ingredients (other than water): sugar, basil leaves, watermelon (obviously), lime juice, lime zest and sparkling wine.

Photo source: ModernDayForager.com


Chilled curry squash soup with cumin shrimp

We’re already picturing the impressed look on your dinner guests’ faces when they see this chilled curry squash soup from The Cuisinerd. Simply cook the butternut squash and combine it in a food processor with white onion, garlic, coconut milk, cilantro, vegetable broth, red curry paste, cumin and curry powder. Make it look gorgeous with a garnish of Greek yogurt, cilantro, coriander seeds, hari chutney and jumbo shrimp. Bonus: This one also includes a recipe for avocado and beet salad with orange ginger dressing. Yum!

Photo source: TheCuisinerd.com