10 crazy stunts captured on a GoPro


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Since the dawn of mankind, people have been testing their limits, walking a fine line between life and death. Finally, the GoPro was invented. Now we can share our amazing feats (or fails) with the world. This handy digital camera is small, light and versatile enough to take anywhere — especially on someone’s epic quest to leap off cliffs or ski off a gigantic mountain.

Check out this roundup of 10 insane stunts performed from death-defying heights, all while wearing a GoPro. It kind of makes us wonder if we're not doing more with our lives.

Don’t try this at home, kiddies!


1. Snowmobile Freestyle

Snowmobile Freestyle competitor Colten Moore gives us a preview of the 2014 X Games course in Aspen using his GoPro. He went on to win a gold medal. Did we mention he’s doing tricks and flying through the air in a snowmobile?


2. Leaping from the edge of space

This Super Bowl commercial shows Felix Baumgartner attempting the highest freefall ever: He starts 120,000 feet above the Earth and as he plummets, gains speed as high as 700 miles per hour! The full 20-minute video is really cool even though there is no GoPro used. As Felix descends, he looks like a feather in the wind.


3. No equipment? No problem!

Watch as Artyom Pirniyazov climbs a Russia’s 577-foot Kotelnicheskaya building with no equipment except a GoPro. No biggie for him, but damn it’s hard to watch!


4. What are friends for?

BASE jumper Erik Roner launches his fallen friend's snowmobile off a cliff as a memorial, then BASE jumps the rest of the way down. Not that’s a good friend!


5. A bird’s-eye view

See what it’s like to be an eagle flying over the French Alps. With a GoPro attached, this eagle is cruising the scenery, enjoying the good life.


6. It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s Superman! No wait, it’s Espen Fadnes!

Espen Fadnes — named the “World's Fastest Flying Human Being” in 2010 — jumps off a mountain going about 150 miles per hour, and then soars through the air with his wing suit.


7. Cliff jump on skis, with a raging avalanche behind them

Skiiers Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude cliff jump somewhere in the mountains of the French Alps as a raging avalanche trails behind them. Nuts!


8. Tightrope quickie with unforeseen twist

Tightrope walker and slackliner Andy Lewis — best known for his 2012 Super Bowl half-time show with Madonna — tightropes over a rocky canyon. See what happens next!


9. Diving from a pro’s point of view

Former World Cup Champion and National Champion diver Kevin McMahon strapped on a GoPro and performed a series of jumps so we could experience what a pro diver experiences (the video has been slowed down for better visuals).


10. BASE jump off a crazy high bridge

BASE jumper Matthias Giraud leaps off the highest bridge in China: Balinghe Bridge in Anshun City. That's a whopping 1,200 feet high!