10 genius double-duty household items that will change your life



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Think bananas are only good for eating? Or makeup brushes can only apply your makeup? Think again. Check out these 10 household wonders that can perform more than one task — and save you some money.


1. Banana

Did you know you can use a banana to clean silver? According to Huffingtonpost.com, you can use the inside of a banana peel to clean up tarnished silver.


2. Interior car cleaner

This Old House actually recommends using Turtle Wax Interior Cleaner to shine up your stainless steel appliances. According to the magazine, it will remove fingerprints without leaving streaks.


3. Chamois cloth

You know that yellow, leather-like towel your dad used to clean the car? Well, This Old House says they’re perfect for cleaning windows, mirrors and polishing silver.


4. Lamb’s wool mitt

Another car-cleaning tool also makes a great tool for dusting furniture. This Old House says the material will attract dust like a magnet.


5. Alka-Seltzer

If your toilet could use a quick clean, but you’re all out of toilet bowl cleaner, Woman’s Day suggests a couple Alka-Seltzer tablets. Leave them be for 10 minutes, and the fizzing action cleans up all the ickiness.


6. Makeup brushes

You know how you eat while working on your laptop and all the crumbs get stuck in the keyboard? Yeah, we do it, too. Luckily, Woman’s Day says cheap makeup brushes can easily brush out the nooks and crannies.


7. Bleach + baking soda

This common, yet magical, combo is a go-to for many homeowners, and it works especially well on gunky tile grout, Practically Functional says.


8. Lime + baking soda

Another baking soda combo can make your sink shine like the sun, according to Fabulessly Frugal. Just cut a lime or lemon in half, dip it in baking soda, and scrub.


9. Rubbing alcohol

We’ve all seen the speckles that hairspray can leave on walls after spraying it on our hair. Use a recipe from Real Simple that mixes one part rubbing alcohol, two parts water and a drop of dishwashing liquid to spray on and wipe off the hairspray from wallpaper and semigloss paint. (Note: This won’t work on flat paint).


10. White vinegar

If you have weeds growing up between the cracks of the sidewalk in front of your home, you can kill them naturally by spraying them with white vinegar, according to Good Housekeeping.