10 home organization changes that make a big impact


home organization

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Getting your home organized with great systems doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend hours installing a custom storage system in your closet. There are lots of seemingly small switches that can have a big impact on your day-to-day.   1. Get new hangers. There's something Zen-inducing about matching hangers. Invest in a complete set and toss the dry cleaner’s giveaways. 2. Use a matching set of food storage containers. Toss the mish-mash of tops and bottoms that don't all coordinate, and replace with one set that's microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe. 3. Relocate cleaning supplies. Instead of keeping all cleaners under the sink or in a closet, store supplies in the room where they're used. 4. Corral with trays. Wherever like items tend to congregate, unite them with trays — perfect for everything from remote controls to incoming mail. 5. Put the hamper where you use it. Rather than training your family to use a hamper that's off the beaten path, move it to wherever dirty clothes are usually dropped. 6. Use Lazy Susans in the kitchen. They're perfect in the cabinet for spices or in the fridge for condiments. 7. Manage cords. Your cord management system can be as simple as a few twist ties wrangling cords around media cabinets and desks. 8. Hide storage with a curtain. Can't manage to keep the closet door closed? Swap it out for a stylish curtain. 9. Organize small items with an ice cube tray. Keep earrings, buttons or any other small items under control with an ice cube tray. 10. Put trashcans where you need them. If trash collects in the bedroom or living room, save yourself a trip and put wastebaskets where you actually use them.