10 hot cocktails to warm you up over Thanksgiving break


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Family gatherings are best enjoyed with a delicious alcoholic beverage that both warms you up during those chilly holiday months and helps you tolerate that particularly irritating aunt or uncle.

When it comes to hot cocktails, you’re usually looking at not-so-healthy amounts of fat and/or sugar. We’re not going to pretend you’re the Mother Teresa of dieting. It’s the holidays; we all deserve a little indulgence. Just remember to keep it in moderation. These drinks aren’t insanely high in fat, but many of them do, unfortunately, have significant amounts of sugar. Keep it in perspective, and remember to factor in that slice of pecan pie if you’re also planning on sipping on a glass of mulled wine.


Hot buttered rum

As you probably guessed from the name, hot buttered rum isn’t the kind of drink you’ll find in a diet book — but there are ways to tweak the traditional recipe for a concoction surprisingly low in fat and sugar. Williams-Sonoma did just that with this recipe, which cuts back on the heaps of butter and brown sugar found in most hot buttered rum recipes. Break out the mugs, nutmeg and cinnamon sticks and get in the holiday spirit!


Hot juju ginger apple cider

It sounds weird, but it turns out Jujubes are great for spiking apple cider. Let the kids have some of the candy and use the rest for the adults! This recipe from Food Republic makes Jujube syrup with Jujubes and simple syrup, and then combines it with apple cider, King’s Ginger Liqueur (infused with mandarin peels), black tea, crab apples, dried mandarins, allspice and a cinnamon stick. While low in fat, this recipe does not spare any sugar, so consider it dessert!


Oprah’s Cupid’s Kiss cocktail

Like Tokyo Terrace’s Peppermint Schnapps hot chocolate (see recipe below), this Oprah recipe puts an adult twist on the chocolaty drink, combining it with Irish cream liqueur, dark crème de cocoa, amaretto, whipped cream and a Hershey’s kiss. Make sure to use low-fat milk!