10 mouthwatering ways to enjoy nachos this season


loaded nachos

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Even when you strip nachos down to their absolutely bare minimum and simply drizzle cheese sauce on tortilla chips, they are still pretty darn tasty. They are the perfect food for dinner, appetizer or snack. They are perfect in summer or spring at a bar or in autumn and winter at home on Monday nights during football. The trick, of course, is to not overdo it with the toppings. Here are 10 ways to enjoy your loaded nachos without feeling guilty afterward.


1. Loaded Paleo Nachos

Lexi's Clean Kitchen 

From: Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Have a friend whip up some fresh salsa, and another friend make some guacamole (such as this one — you're welcome) so you can make these healthy paleo nachos loaded with spicy chicken. Talk about perfect to nosh on while watching the game.


2. Healthy Grilled Sweet Potato Nachos

Pinch of Yum 

From: Pinch of Yum

Another perfect thing about nachos, if you're penning an ode in their honor, is that they are so easily customizable. You can top them with chicken or beef, add beans or leave them out, add some avocado or lots of it, you name it. In this case, Pinch of Yum combined a lightened-up cheese sauce with a touch of garlic butter with healthy grilled sweet potatoes, roasted corn and black beans. If you can't grill the sweet potatoes, don't worry. Simply roast them. Still delicious!


3. Vegetarian Loaded Nachos

HellaWella original recipe 

From: HellaWella

If you are a vegetarian who isn’t averse to giving the meat substitute a try, or are an omnivore who wants to prepare an easier version of nachos that are faster to make and not as high in fat as their real-meat counterparts, then this is the recipe for you. This recipe also works if you’re making tacos — after all, aren’t nachos just deconstructed tacos? Think about it.


4. Loaded Turkey Taco Nachos

Jeanette's Healthy Living 

From: Jeanette's Healthy Living

Speaking of deconstructed tacos, check out this recipe for loaded turkey taco nachos. See? These nachos include ground turkey, shredded cheese, pickled jalapeños, tomatoes and red onions. You can finish it off with Greek yogurt, sour cream or Mexican crema. Black beans and avocado are great toppings as well.


5. The Best Damned Vegan Nachos

Minimalist Baker 

From: Minimalist Baker

We got the vegetarians covered, but what about our vegan friends? Not to mention omnivores with some lactose intolerance? Oh, you get to join in on the nacho fun, too. See, the Minimalist Baker discovered the joy of cashew-less vegan queso. The result? The best damned vegan nachos you've ever had. Possible toppings include the usual suspects: black beans, salsa, queso (vegan in this case), guacamole, red onion, jalapenos, hot sauce and cilantro. The awesome thing about the queso recipe, says the Minimalist Baker, is that it makes quite a bit, and you can store leftovers in a jar and it keeps for up to four or five days, if you can keep away from it that long. And it reheats extremely well.


6. The Deen Bros Lighter Macho Nachos

The Deen Bros 

From: The Deen Bros

The Deen Brothers took their original recipe for Macho Nachos and lightened it up a bit. This one has 128 fewer calories than the original, and 9 grams less fat.


7. Healthy Loaded Black Bean Nachos

Chef Amber Shea 

From: Chef Amber Shea

For this ultimate in comfort food, Chef Amber Shea layers baked corn chips with a made-from-scratch and dairy-free nacho cheese sauce, spiced black beans, piquant salsa and creamy avocado. And you can take this recipe and make burritos, bowls or salads.


8. Jicama Nachos

SunCafe Organic for The Daily Meal 

From: The Daily Meal

If you can have jicama taco shells, then why not jicama tortilla chips? Why not indeed. Jicama nachos offer a low-fat, un-fried, refreshing, tasty meal while satisfying your craving. Featured in The Daily Meal, these nachos are on the menu at SunCafe Organic, located in Studio City, Calif. But if you can't travel, just follow the recipe and enjoy!  


9. Mexican Street Corn Nachos

Simply Recipes 

From: Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes wanted to incorporate the brilliant deliciousness of street corn into some nachos. She recommends toasting the chips separately, and then just pouring over a cheese sauce and toppings right before serving to keep the chips from getting soggy. The cheese sauce is made with Monterey jack, cream, milk and some corn starch to prevent clumping. As for the corn, you can grill some corn on the cob and then remove the kernels. Or… you can sear some frozen corn (a tip from America’s test kitchen) in a cast iron pan on high heat. This isn’t the sort of thing you can make in advance, explains Simply Recipes, but if you are having people over for a game day party, they are perfect!


10. Buffalo Chickpea

Vegan Yack Attack 

From: Vegan Yack Attack

Make the ranch-style sauce and cheese sauce while you roast the chickpeas. This recipe is great if you want a healthier break from the usual!


Did you know?

November 6 is National Nacho Day. Celebrate with one of these recipes or get in touch with us to share your own recipe!