10 Netflix shows that’ll help improve your home



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All finished binging on Friends?  Yeah, us too. And now we’re ready for something a little more ... practical. Care to join us? You’ll get all of the chill-factor with none of the guilt. (Because you’re being “productive,” get it?)

So don your sweatpants, ditch your bra (if you wear one) and chill out to these shows that’ll help make your home awesome:


If you’re thinking about going minimalist...

Tiny: A Story About Living Small

Have you ever felt the urge to sell your stuff and downsize your life? These people actually did just that. Live vicariously and take away some minimalist tips.


If HGTV is your jam...

House Hunters Collection House Hunters International

It’s the home-buying classic you know and love! Follow intrepid couples as they pair up with a realtor and try to find their dream home out in the world.

Flea Market Flip

Do you get a little tingle of excitement every time you pass a yard sale sign or a flea market? Then you’ll dig this show! Laura Spencer and her team scour flea markets looking for furniture and decor they can reinvent.

Property Brothers

This show is all about transforming fixer-uppers into dream homes. It’s fun to watch a family start with a wish list for their home, and watch (some) of it come to fruition.


If you want to improve your mood...


Happiness can be elusive, but the director of the award-winning film "Happy" is determined to find out what gives people the feels. Being happier at home is just a click away.


If you like history, palaces and castles ...

Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace

If it’s been awhile since you took a history class, Henry VIII is the one that had two wives beheaded. Do we have your attention now? While this documentary is full of juicy secrets, it’s also full of royal design tips.  

Secrets of Highclair Castle

Downtown Abbey is a real place called Highclair Castle, and it holds more than secrets. In fact, it holds centuries-old Egyptian relics — get this — in its walls. A previous owner bankrolled the expedition that found King Tut’s tomb, and the castle is full of long-forgotten relics and other interesting treasures.


If you want to improve your cooking...

The Mind of a Chef

Have you ever wanted to get inside the head of the food-obsessed? Here’s your chance. Throw in the fact that this documentary is narrated by our boy Anthony Bourdain, and it is basically gold for the foodies out there.


What’s harder to pass than the Bar, the GMAT and the PRAXIS rolled into one? It’s called the Master Sommelier exam. It’s about wine, and it’s the toughest test to pass in the world. Follow along as three sommeliers try their luck on the test and learn some wine knowledge along the way.

Spinning Plates

Good food can only take a restaurant so far. Success is really made by the people within the restaurant. A kitchen works the same way — think organization and cleaning regimes — so take a page out of these three amazing restaurant owners’ book.


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