10 free labels to download online (food to organizational)


free labels to download online

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One of the wonderful things about the Internet is the shared artistry of DIYers and thoughtful problem solvers. Not only do they love to share, but sometimes they even give away freebies — like awesome downloadable printable labels and organizational tools.

Here are a few of our faves — from garden markers and recipe cards and folder labels and beautiful monograms.


Home Food Safety Freezer Labels

One of the best things about our freezers — aside from the fact that they store ice cream — is how they keep some of our perishables from going bad too quickly. But beware: Frozen food does not last forever. To help you keep track of how long your frozen food has been stored in your freezer, download these labels from HomeFoodSafety.gov, on which you note the date of initial freezing.

And check out this chart to learn how long different foods last in your freezer and fridge.


Organizational Labels

An easy way to keep track of all your files and papers is to label and organize them in categories. Go out and buy a bunch of folders and then head over to Worldlabel to download these binders and file folder labels, which were designed by Erin Rippy from InktreePress.


Mason Jar Labels

Label your teas, spices and more with these mason jar labels from Limeshot.com.