10 tips for a hangover-free New Year’s Day


Empty champagne bottle and flutes

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The countdown is on to New Year’s Eve. Whether you love it or hate it, the pressure to have a blast on December 31 can lead to a night we’d rather forget. Start your New Year’s resolutions on the right foot, and leave those head-pounding regrets in 2014. Almond dietitian Jessica Katz (MS, RD) offers her top 10 tips to make the most of New Year’s Eve celebrations and  feel 100% on New Year’s Day.


1. Get going early.

Squeeze in a pre-party workout early in the day before last-minute party errands fill up your schedule. Lean muscle mass helps to metabolize alcohol faster. In addition, the dose of endorphins will leave you feeling energized and upbeat for the party.


2. Pre-game.

With water, that is. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking water stokes your metabolism and energy levels. You will arrive at the party looking — and feeling — refreshed.


3. Eat!

Grab a light meal or hearty snack high in fiber and protein before the party. Food will not only slow down alcohol absorption but also help you resist overindulging in hors d’oeuvres.


4. Sparkle all night long.

Sparkling water will be your smartest party accessory. Start the party with a glass and grab another one on your way out to avoid dehydration — usually manifested as dizziness, thirst and nausea.


5. Diet drinkers beware.

Diet soda cocktails can leave you feeling woozier than regular soda cocktails. Regular soda provides sugar and calories that slow down alcohol absorption, which is lacking in its artificially sweetened counterpart. Alternate each cocktail with a glass of water to avoid letting the festivities get the best of you.


6. Fake it to make it.

Feeling pressured to keep up with the Joneses? Order limes with your sparkling water (and lose the straw) — it will pass for a cocktail.


7. Be bubbly.

Cut your booze in half with sparkling water and get more bang for your buck. Your drinks will last longer and you will consume less alcohol. Wine spritzers and vodka sodas are better alternatives to typical sugar-laden holiday drinks like mulled wine or fruity martinis.


8. Rock on.

Not feeling bubbly? Opt for drinks on the rocks (including chilled white wine) to help dilute the alcohol. Extra ice is a plus!


9. Don’t go to the dark side.

Compared to clear liquors and white wine, dark liquors and red wine tend to contain more congeners, byproducts of fermentation. It is believed that beverages with higher levels of congeners may lead to more severe hangover symptoms, so stay in the clear.


10. Move on!

It’s a new day (and year). A light post-party workout the next morning — or afternoon — may help you feel better by promoting increased blood flow and energy. Remember to hydrate before, during and after your workout.


Use these tips from Katz to welcome the New Year feeling refreshed, energized and ready to rock those resolutions.

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