10 twists on the classic Moscow Mule to try this summer


Moscow Mule

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Don't call it a comeback. The Moscow Mule has been here for years — since the early 1940s to be exact. Born in the Los Angeles pub, the Cock ‘n’ Bull, the drink was invented by either John G. Martin, a marketing executive at the Heublein drinks company, and Jack Morgan, the pub's owner, or by the pub’s head bartender Wes Price (our money's on the bartender). One thing's for certain: It's a refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed year-round.


The classic

Regardless of who concocted the cocktail originally, the reason why it was created was to fix two problems: people weren't really into Smirnoff vodka and the pub had to find a way to move the product, and someone at the pub had ordered too much ginger beer. Much like people who create wonderful meals with whatever's about to go bad in the fridge, the Moscow Mule's inventor mixed vodka and ginger beer, threw some lime wedges in there and voila! Two birds, one stone. Talk about repackaging.


Since it's summer and all, we decided to take a look at 10 twists on the classic. No copper mugs needed — although they are quite nice.


1. Grapefruit Rosemary Moscow Mule

Domesticate Me 

Domesticate Me concocts a perfectly balanced blend of fresh pink grapefruit and lime juices, vodka and chilled ginger beer. Bright and refreshing, this cocktail also has an unexpected, but delightful, herbal twist. When you use a sprig of rosemary as a swizzle stick, it infuses everything with a subtle pine-y sweetness.


2. Cardamom Moscow Mule 

Honestly Yum 

Honestly Yum's skipped the ginger beer, which is carbonated with yeast, and crafted instead an extra strong ginger ale and then spiced it up by adding a little cardamom. Can we get a hellyesplease?


3. Cucumber Moscow Mule

Bright-Eyed Baker 

Bright-Eyed Baker went for a literal twist with cucumber. Perfect for the poolside, this cocktail is rendered even more cooler and refreshing thanks to the fresh cucumber juice and the long cucumber sliver garnish. The cucumber also mellows out the ginger just a touch.


4. Blackberry Moscow Mule

Cake -n- Knife 

Cake -n- Knife added blackberries to the classic. They add a fruity freshness to the drink and complement the ginger's zing.


5. Mango Pineapple Moscow Mule

April Go Lightly 

April Go Lightly gives the classic a tropical twist by adding chopped mango and pineapple-flavored vodka. Intriguing!


6. Frida Mule

The Artful Desperado for West Elm 

Can we just say how much we love the Artful Desperado? Just in general but also for this gorgeous drink. The main ingredient in this recipe, which was featured on the West Elm blog and can be found here, is jalapeño-infused mescal. With its delicious smokiness and touch of heat, it's the ultimate hot-summer-day cocktail indeed.


7. Strawberry Moscow Mule Cocktail

Marla Merideth/Family Fresh Cooking 

Marla Meridith enhances the traditional ingredients with strawberry juices pressed through a fine mesh sieve. Make it as sweet or as strong as you like (just drink safely!) and enjoy it for any summertime celebration or get-together.


8. Peach Basil Moscow Mule

Little Leopard Book 

Little Leopard Book takes the Moscow Mule and "summer-izes" it with peach-flavored vodka, fresh basil and lemon juice.


9. Kombucha Moscow Mule

In It 4 the Long Run 

In It 4 the Long Run takes ginger-flavored kombucha — that's the probiotic, fermented tea — and adds it to the classic Moscow Mule with unusual results. Admittedly, this cocktail may take some getting used to. How quirky.


10. Pistachio Mule


Liquor.com featured this nutty twist on the mule that uses pistachio-infused vodka. How to make it? Combine six ounces of raw, unsalted pistachio shells with one liter of vodka in a sealable container and allow the shells to infuse in the vodka for a minimum of 24 hours. Strain out the solids and boom. Enjoy!