10 weird and unusual fruits we bet you haven’t tried


weird fruits

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Last week, we brought you "10 unusual vegetables we bet you haven't tried," so this week we thought we'd introduce you to some funky fruits to liven up your fruit salads, smoothies and more. Go on an adventure to your local well-stocked grocery store, or wherever fruits in weird shapes are sold, and perk up your plate with new flavors and a nutritional boost.   kumquat picture1. Kumquat Easily the cutest fruit on this list, kumquats are citrus fruits only a little larger than grapes with edible skins and a sweet flavor. Enjoy them in this salsa from Simply Recipes for a low-calorie treat.   dragon fruit2. Dragon fruit Don’t let the spiky scales of this Asian and South American fruit scare you. Beneath the skin, these fruits are juicy, sour, and refreshing. Top seared scallops with dragon fruit salsa in this tasty recipe from the Food Network, or try it with chips.   chayote3. Chayote Common in Caribbean dishes, this fruit offers a crisp taste and lots of vitamin C to stir-fries. While they taste the same, the female plant has smooth skin while the male plant has prickly skin. Try it with braised chicken in this recipe from Chow.com.  Cherimoya4. Cherimoya Mark Twain called this South American fruit “the most delicious fruit known to men.” Thanks to its sherbet-like texture and bubblegum taste, it’s popular to eat it uncooked, fresh from the freezer, giving it the nickname “ice-cream fruit.” Or add its sweet taste and boost of fiber to this tart recipe from SuppitySup.com.