10 ways to spice up your dinner with poblano peppers


poblano peppers

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Mexican cuisine has given us so many flavors, textures and, of course, hot and spicy peppers. The poblano is just one of them. It hails from Puebla, hence its name, though when it's dried, it's called "ancho" (meaning "wide"). The poblano is considered mild, but can still pack significant heat. Some batches, in fact, can be especially intense. Add some kick to a boring old dinner with the following 10 recipes.


1. Roasted Poblanos Stuffed with Pulled Pork Chili Verde

I Breathe I'm Hungry 

When it comes to stuffed poblanos, the sky's the limit. Pick any veggies, any meat, all the cheese and go to town. I Breathe I'm Hungry used leftover pulled pork for these beauties.


2. Spicy Chicken Poblano Risotto

For the Love of Dessert 

For the Love of Dessert wanted to spice up her risotto, and there's no better way than with some poblano peppers.


3. Poblano Macaroni and Cheese

Nutmeg Nanny 

Nutmeg Nanny packs this macaroni and cheese recipe with roasted poblano peppers, lots of cheese and just a hint of zesty lime. We'll have seconds, thanks!


4. Roasted Poblano Corn Chowder

Simply Recipes 

Simply Recipes scores with this spicy bowl of corn chowder-y goodness. Like Nutmeg Nanny's mac and cheese recipe, the secret to Elise's soup is roasting those poblanos first and adding a splash of lime juice at the end. And when she says at the very end, she means it. Add the lime juice right before serving because, explains Elise, "you don't want to simmer a cream based soup with something acidic like lime juice; it just might curdle."


5. Almost-Chipotle’s Corn and Roasted Poblano Salsa

Garnish with Lemon 

Garnish with Lemon tried her hand at this copycat corn and roasted poblano salsa. We think she nailed it.


6. Cheese and Poblano Empanadas

Laylita's Recipes 

Laylita's Recipes flips the script and instead of stuffing the poblano makes it the filling — along with queso fresco, oaxaca cheese and goat cheese — for these mouthwatering empanadas. Don't skip the creamy yogurt chipotle sauce.


7. Sourdough Grilled Cheese with Roasted Poblanos

How Sweet It Is 

How Sweet It Is takes the grilled cheese to the next level. How? Roasted poblano peppers, smoked cheddar and curried brown butter. One bite, and you'll want to eat this sandwich forever.


8. Spicy Sofritas Veggie Bowls

Pinch of Yum 

You want to get someone to try tofu and actually like it? Look no further than Pinch of Yum's recipe for spicy sofritas veggie bowl. Why? Because that tofu is covered in glorious chipotle peppers, roasted poblanos, garlic and salsa and fresh cilantro — all pureed into a sucker-punch sauce.


9. Poblano and Portobello Fajitas

Minimalist Baker 

Minimalist Baker takes the steak of the vegetarians and vegans — the gorgeous Portobello mushroom — and combines it with poblano, bell and jalapeno peppers in this fantastic fajitas. If you think you'd love these but lament the lack of meat, simply add some or substitute the Portobello mushrooms with your choice of meat.


10. Blackened Tomatillo Poblano Salsa with Habanero Pepper

Bailey Farm 

You want a salsa with kick? How does two poblano peppers and three Habaneros sound to you? Check out this recipe featured on Bailey Farms