The 11 best ways to take earl grey out of the cup


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It's fair to say that Earl Grey is an acquired taste. Its unusual perfume-y flavor is a combination of black tea and oil extracted from bergamot orange rind. It's the oil that gives Earl Grey that distinctive citrus flavor and aroma.

Any decent fan of Star Trek: TNG knows that there's only one way to have a cup of earl grey:

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But begging the good captain's pardon, however, we decided to do a bit of culinary exploring and found 11 ways to enjoy earl grey out of the cup. Cue the music.


1. Earl Grey Lavender Scones

The Convivial Table 

The Convivial Table's secret to these scones is Cream Earl Grey, infused, leaves and all. The results are tasty and refreshing.


2. Earl Gray Peach Preserves

Eat, Live, Run 

Eat, Live, Run's peach preserves taste like summer. Earl Grey givesthe preserves a slight floral taste, furthering the depth of flavor. Enjoy on everything from bagels to crackers to muffins.


3. Earl Grey Porridge

Spoonful of Photography 

Sabrina, the blogger behind Spoonful of Photography, sat to breakfast one morning and wondered what would happen if she combined Earl Grey tea with her porridge. She found the best method was to use half milk, half water (for a creamy texture that won't make you feel too full afterward) and to add the tea leaves directly into the liquid pre-heating.


4. Earl Grey Honey Whiskey Cake

The Baking Bird 

The Baking Bird fell in love with Smitten Kitchen's recipe for honey whiskey cake, but adapted it with some of her own twists for fan-freaking-tastic results. A few of her own Baking Bird spins include tons of cardamom (yes), nutmeg and ginger (always), less oil and sugar (always a plus), less orange juice (replaced by more whiskey, maple whiskey if you have it, and yes, please), and infused Earl Grey tea. She didn't skimp on the honey, either, going with some raw organic sage infused honey.


5. Earl Grey Almond Milk Waffles

She Bakes Here 

She Bakes Here gently heated almond milk in a saucepan, removed from the stove to cool and soaked three Earl Grey tea bags in it for 30 minutes. She also added three teaspoons of ground tea to the batter. You won't taste Earl Grey in every bite, either. The results are subtle, and a nice departure from regular waffles.


6. Earl Grey Poached Pears

Citrus and Candy 

Citrus and Candy wanted to poach some pears but was over the usual wine and honey options. So she used Earl Grey with a hint of vanilla instead. She describes the results as ambrosial, heady but clean and deliciously fragrant and floral. We're sold!


7. Earl Grey & Poppy Seed Muffins

Raspberri Cupcakes 

Raspberri Cupcakes decided to adapt a regular orange and poppy seed muffin recipe, replacing the orange zest and juice with the citrusy fragrance of Earl Grey tea.


8. Earl Grey Ice Cream

Gimme Some Oven 

This ice cream recipe from Gimme Some Oven should be enjoyed in moderation, thanks to the half and half and cream, but we couldn't leave it out. It's rich, creamy and subtly sweet.


9. Earl Grey Vanilla Tea Pancakes with Honey Tea Syrup

Once Upon a Cutting Board 

If you're going to have Earl Grey waffles, then you have to try Earl Grey pancakes, right? Once Upon a Cutting Board steeped the tea in vanilla almond milk before mixing the milk into the batter, but also added a bag of tea to the dry ingredients and infused tea into a honey-vanilla syrup to serve with the pancakes that really makes everything come together nomtastically.


10. Earl Grey Caramels

About Food 

About Food got out attention immediately with this treat. Earl Grey tea lends a smoky, complex flavor to these smooth, chewy caramels.


11. Earl Grey Tea Granola

Baking Magique 

Last, but certainly not least, Baking Magique's Earl Grey Tea Granola will make you feel like you're enjoying afternoon tea every single morning. Take that, Monday and all work days ending in D-A-Y.