11 cocktails that are full of fall flavor


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The season of apple and pumpkin picking, cranberries and pomegranates and cinnamon and nutmeg is nearly here, so get ready to enjoy all five seconds of it by getting creative with that cocktail shaker.

Here are 11 ways to enjoy a little glass of fall.


1. Pear and Ginger-Sage Cocktail

A Cozy Kitchen 

From: A Cozy Kitchen

Ginger and sage simple syrup offsets pear nectar in this refreshing thirst-quencher.


2. The Royal Apple Cocktail

Daily Appetite 

From: Daily Appetite

Be careful when drinking this delicious cocktail. It tastes just like apple juice, so you may not notice the booze in it until you try to stand up.


3. Cinnamon Candy Apple Cocktail

Boulder Locavore 

From: Boulder Locavore

The Pousse Café, explains Boulder Locavore, is a layered cocktail using colored liqueurs that, when poured correctly, create a fanciful striped effect. It's not just autumn in your glass, but a bit of science, too. This is a Martini-style cocktail, so do keep in mind it is all alcohol with no mixer. Strong stuff!


4. Beet Cocktail Recipe from The Farm

The Vintage Mixer/The Farm 

From: The Vintage Mixer

This unusual beet cocktail is like a savory surprise with just a hint of natural sweetness from the beets.


5. Apple Cider Mojito

Jo Lynne Shane 

From: Jo Lynne Shane

The secret to this cocktail is the cinnamon simple syrup, so make sure you don’t skip that step. Don't worry! It's really easy to make your own, and you can store it in the fridge to use whenever the need for a cocktail arises.


6. Cranberry & Cinnamon Whiskey Sour

Baker by Nature 

From: Baker by Nature

This whiskey sour is amped up to the next level thanks to some cranberry cinnamon simple syrup. It has all of the punch of a classic whiskey sour, with a gorgeous pinkish hue.


7. Apple Bourbon Bellini

Food Fanatic  

From: Food Fanatic

You take a typical bellini, and amp it up with apple bourbon and a homemade apple puree. All you have to do, explains Food Fanatic, is throw some apple wedges, skin on, into a blender or food processor with a tablespoon or two of water and a little sugar and lemon juice. Then take a big spoon of that homemade apple puree and place it at the bottom of your champagne glass, add some apple bourbon and top it all off with some prosecco.


8. Fig Thyme

Honestly Yum 

From: Honestly Yum

This cocktail is off the hook. Combine pisco, Cointreau, thyme simple syrup, lime juice and a quartered fig, and viola! Add a sprig of thyme as well as half a fig for garnish.


9. Smoke & Mirrors Cocktail

A Spicy Perspective 

From: A Spicy Perspective

Lots of people, writes A Spicy Perspective, think of grenadine as that neon red stuff found behind lots of bars that make cocktails turn candy-sweet. But traditional grenadine is actually rich and bright pomegranate syrup, which is surprisingly easy to make. Paired with mezcal, the Smoke & Mirrors cocktail is tangy, sweet and smoky.


10. Cranberry Ginger Cider Cocktail

Sweet Peas and Saffron 

From: Sweet Peas and Saffron

This simple drink is made with a combination of apple cider, ginger beer and fresh cranberries. Cool and bubbly, yet spicy and comforting, this fall cocktail is very easy to concoct. Muddle fresh cranberries at the bottom of the glass before adding the cider and ginger beer. You should also add a pinch of cinnamon and a squeeze of lemon.


11. Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria

The Kitchn 

From: The Kitchn

The Kitchn says sangria isn't just for summer and we could not agree more. Slice the apples into matchsticks rather than the cubes for a traditional rustic sangria, and add some pomegranate seeds for a stunning presentation and a nice touch of tartness. Add the apples to a large pitcher reserving about 1/2 cup for garnishing. Add the cognac, apple cider and chilled cava. Stir. Serve. Drink. Enjoy!


Always remember to drink responsibly!