11 cool and refreshing ways to celebrate Fourth of July


Fourth of July drinks for party

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Get ready to toast America this Fourth of July with these cool, refreshing drinks and Jell-O shots. And always, always, always drink responsibly!


1. Firecracker Jell-O Shots

 At the Pickett Fence 

At the Pickett Fence concocted a kid-safe version as well as an alcoholic version of this neat Firecracker Jell-O shot, which is perfect for your Fourth of July party. And the best part is that they are totally easy to make. To booze up your Jell-O shot, you can either prepare the gelatin with vodka or you can spike the cherries. Just throw some cherries in a jar with some vodka, cover with a tight-fitting lid and refrigerate at least two hours. Drain, pat dry and use as directed.


2. Red, White and Blue Sangria

Recipe Girl 

Recipe Girl made this patriotic batch of white sangria with triple sec and berry-flavored vodka. The recipe is rounded out with a little lemon juice and simple syrup, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and pineapple.


3. Blue Lemonade Cocktail with Watermelon Star Stirrers


Celebrations stuck a watermelon star on the end of a white lollipop stick to create a unique stirrer for this perfect Fourth of July blue lemonade drink. Whether or not you decide to spike your blue lemonade is up to you. Use blue food coloring for the kid-friendly mocktail version, and either Maui Blue Hawaiian Schnapps or vodka and Blue Curacao liquor for the adult cocktail version.


4. Red, White and Blue(berry) Margaritas

Gimme Some Oven 

Gimme Some Oven was worried that these gorgeous margaritas would turn out to be a color-bleeding frozen mess. The secret to get the layers to stack neatly is to get each of them thick enough. Gimme Some Oven used the same base frozen margarita recipe for each layer, and then added in frozen strawberries for the red, coconut milk for the white (she recommends using classic lime margaritas if you don't care for coconut) and frozen blueberries for the blue. She topped everything off with an adorable foil firecracker.


5. Frozen Boozy Bomb Pop Drink

Simply Fresh Cooking 

Remember those rocket-shaped popsicles that are blue raspberry on the bottom, lemon in the middle and cherry on top? Well, Simply Fresh Cooking made a boozy drink version of it, and we love it. It's super refreshing and — as it's made with 2 ounces of vodka, 4 ounces of blue raspberry vodka and 3 ounces cherry vodka — it's crazy strong.


6. Berry Tequila Sparkler

Simply Happenstance 

Simply Happenstance keeps it aptly simple with this delicious and patriotic berry tequila sparkler, made with tequila, champagne and Cran-Lemonade. It's the perfect bubbly drink for your Fourth of July festivities, especially if you're short on time.


7. Uncle Sam-tini


Babble featured this gorgeous blue martini made with 2 ounces of Dekuyper’s Island Punch Pucker, 2 ounces lemon vodka and 1 ounce Cointreau. Yum!


8. Fourth of July Mojito

Fashionably Bombed 

Fashionably Bombed love them some mojitos. So, of course, they whipped a red, white and blue version to toast in style on the Fourth. Here's the neat part. See those little glittery stars floating near the top of the glass? They're edible, and oh-so-cool.


9. XXL Watermelon Jell-O Shots

Photo by Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed 

Buzzfeed gives you a detailed step-by-step of how to make this fun Jello-O shots with just four ingredients. So very boozy. We can't wait to sink our teeth into a few of these.


10. Bourbon Cherries

Oh, Bite It 

Oh, Bite It filled up a jar with a cup of water and a cup of bourbon, added fresh cherries and refrigerated overnight. Add these babies to drinks, desserts or simply gobble them up. HICCUP.


11. July 4th Variegated Jelly Shot

Jelly Shot Test Kitchen 

Speaking of Jell-O shots, please meet the showstopper. Developed by Jelly Shot Test Kitchen, this is basically a giant, layered Jell-O shot prepared in a bundt pan. What's not to love here? It's huge. It's red, white and blue. It's boozy and perfect for summer parties and barbecues. And you can make a kid-friendly version by swapping the alcohol for lemon-lime soda or plain water.