11 delicious guacamole recipes you need to try right now



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All that talk of nachos the other day got us thinking about guacamole. Whether you make a batch for a party or for snacking while you watch the game, it's delicious comfort food that you can prepare in just a few minutes. And it's healthy! Guacamole: winning at everything? We think so. Here are 11 mouthwatering recipes for you to try. See which one you like best so you can be sure to whip some up on November 14 to mark National Guacamole Day. 


1. Guacamole

Love Grows Wild 

From: Love Grows Wild

Score a couple of ripe avocados and then add Roma tomatoes, red onion, lots of fresh lime juice, jalapeño (without the seeds and membranes to reduce the heat level), garlic, a bit of salt to taste and fresh cilantro (if you like it). The results are quite possibly one of the tastiest guacamole we've ever had.


2. Corn and Black Bean Guacamole

All Recipes 

From: All Recipes

How do you take an appetizer and make it into the perfect lunch or even dinner? Add corn and black beans to it. This is like guac on steroids. Filling and still a perfect treat for those nights that you want something to nosh on while catching up with telly or watching some Monday Night Football.


3. Guacamole

Cooking Classy 

From: Cooking Classy

If you're in a hurry to get this recipe whipped up, then go ahead and use onion and garlic powder. And a tip for removing the harsh bite from the red onion, if you use it, after rinsing and chopping it up, run it under cold water again and drain well before incorporating into the mix.


4. Perfect Guacamole

Simply Recipes 

From: Simply Recipes

Elise points out that while all you really need for guacamole is ripe avocados and salt, you want to add a little lime or lemon juice to balance the richness of the avocado. And then why stop there? Cilantro, chilies, onion and tomato round out this delicious recipe.


5. Four Seasons Secret Guacamole


From: Babycenter

This food blogger had some guacamole at a swanky Four Seasons resort and asked for the recipe. Smart move because it looks absolutely mouthwateringly delicious.


6. Classic Guacamole

Jamie Oliver 

From: Jamie Oliver

Pair this super-quick and easy guacamole recipe with fajitas and quesadillas or dig in with tortilla chips or raw veggies. Oliver includes this under his vegetarian recipes but this is one of those dishes that you don't really think of as meat-free. We say it's simply awesome and — unless you don't care for avocado — we doubt the staunchest meat-eater would ever turn his or her nose up at a bowl of creamy guac and say, "No, thanks. I'm not a vegetarian."


7. The Most Delicious Guacamole

Cloudy with a Chance of Wine 

From: Cloudy with a Chance of Wine

Five ingredients is all it takes to whip up this delicious recipe.


8. Guacamole Salad

Cooking in Combat Boots 

From: Cooking in Combat Boots

This food blogger based this recipe off Ina Garten’s Guacamole Salad. The original recipe calls for grape tomatoes, but if you don’t eat it right away — and let's face it, what are the odds? — the tomatoes tend to get mushy, so Cooking in Combat Boots recommends throw a handful in when you're ready to serve it.


9. Amazing Guacamole Recipe

Will Cook for Smiles 

From: Will Cook for Smiles

This food blogger has played around with this recipe for the last few years and she's hit the jackpot. The keys to it are cilantro and cumin.


10. Spicy Guacamole

Natasha's Kitchen 

From: Natasha's Kitchen

This food blogger also adds cumin to her guacamole, but she turns up the heat with two jalapeño peppers. She removes the seeds from the jalapeños, which makes us wonder whether this is spicy enough for those who like a lot of heat. Go ahead and try different hot peppers until it's as hot as you want it.


11. Pico Guacamole

Garnish with Lemon 

From: Garnish with Lemon

What do you get when you combine pico de gallo and guacamole? This recipe. And it’s seriously the best thing ever. This food blogger likes to mix half of the pico in with the guac and then pile the other half on top of the dish for some visual flair, but you can mix it all together if you prefer. This recipe is definitely a keeper.