11 dogs that tried yoga (with varying results)


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Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not just for humans. The animals that brought us poses like downward dog and upward dog also enjoy the occasional yoga session — and some are showing up their owners.


1. This Frenchie is practically a pro. 

Photo source: Imgur


2. Total show-off.


3. There's no shame in using an instructional DVD.

Photo source: Imgur


4. Just your typical group yoga class. 

Photo source: NewTricks.me


5. Level: Expert.

Photo source: TerriblyCute.com


6. The dog version of the big toe pose.

Photo source: Facebook.com/yogadogz


7. Teacher's pet. Literally.


8. This one forgot her yoga mat. 

Photo source: Pinterest.com


9. Don't bother her. She's on the verge of reaching Nirvana.

Photo source: Intradayfun.com


10. The perfect upward dog.

Photo source: FrenchFriedTulips.blogspot.com


11. This poor guy just couldn't handle it.

Photo source: Imgur.com