11 festive Valentine’s Day drinks to sip with your sweetie or BFF


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Fancy a drink or three on Valentine’s Day with your loved one? Well, delicious though they may be, it need not be all Cosmos, Pink Squirrels and red wine. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite cocktails that will let you show off some sweet mixology skills and put a smile on your Valentine’s face.

Bottoms up.


1. Mulled Fruit Sangria

What’s better than red wine, you ask? Wine plus brandy and some mulled fruit is what. And with the polar vortex kicking the East Coast’s collective behind, this recipe for mulled fruit sangria hits the spot.


2. Cupid’s Crush

Pucker up with this refreshing cocktail. Cherry vodka and cranberry juice give the drink its red hue. Be sure to prep in front of your Valentine so you can do a little dance while shaking that cocktail shaker. Go on. Put the silly back in romance.


3. Black Currant Cider Sparklers

We love this nonalcoholic cocktail made with black currant juice and sparkling cider. I mean, you can rarely, if ever, go wrong with Martha.


4. Cherry Mojito

Oh, yeah. It’s rum time. And yes, it still calls for mint leaves as should any honest-to-goodness mojito. The only difference is that you’re adding eight fresh and pitted cherries to this old favorite. Noms!


5. Cerise Light

Champagne brings the romance. Gin and pomegranate juice complete this cocktail, which is not only easy to make but also a delight to sip.


6. Cotton Candy Surprise

We found this nonalcoholic cocktail making the rounds on Pinterest. Simply pour some lime Perrier over pink cotton candy. Voila!


7. Cherry Whiskey Smash

A drink that is simply smashing, the Cherry Whiskey Smash includes whiskey, amaretto, ginger brandy, cherry cola, cherry juice and five maraschino cherries that — move over, Hulk — you SMASH. It’s as fun to prepare as it is to drink!


8. The Delancey

With a name that rolls off the tongue, this refreshing cocktail is just pomegranate juice, elderflower liqueur and Prosecco. Sip while listening to some tunes from the '20s or reading each other some F. Scott Fitzgerald.


9. The Rhubarb Sour

Rhubarb isn’t just for fantastic pies anymore. It’s the star ingredient of this fantastic drink that also includes gin.


10. Strawberry Habanero Margarita

How could we not include a margarita in the lineup? We especially liked this recipe, however, because not only do the strawberries lend the drink it’s Valentine’s Day-appropriate color but the fresh habanero pepper also gives it that nice kick. Mmm, hot and spicy.


11. Love Potion

It couldn’t possibly be a complete roundup of Valentine’s day drinks without some love potion. This nonalcoholic treat combines raspberry sherbet and Cherry 7UP.