11 healthy ice cream recipes that don't require an ice-cream maker


scoops of assorted ice cream

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Memorial Day is right around the corner, ushering in the unofficial start of summer. And warmer weather tends to mean ice cream temptation. Get ready to indulge without sacrificing your health goals. Here are 11 healthy recipes, not all of them chocolate, for ice cream and frozen yogurt that don't require an ice-cream maker. A food processor is really all you need, and in some cases, just five minutes.


1. Vanilla Soft-Serve Ice Cream


SkinnyMs. never lets us down. You take non-fat Greek yogurt, frozen bananas and pure vanilla extract and blend in the food processor until smooth. You'll have to stop the processor a few times to move things around with a spatula, warns SkinnyMs., but after a few minutes you'll be able to enjoy delicious vanilla ice cream.


2. Homemade Chocolate Soft Serve

Chocolate Covered Katie 

We can include soft-serve vanilla ice cream without also including soft-serve chocolate ice cream. We love Chocolate Covered Katie's recipe. Just throw the ingredients into a food processor and get ready for creamy heaven. If you add a fat source such as peanut butter, explains Katie, it tastes closer to ice cream, and if you leave it out, it will taste more like sherbet.


3. Two Ingredient Mango Soft Serve

Eating Made Easy 

The aptly named Eating Made Easy only requires two healthy ingredients for this soft-serve delight: organic plain Greek yogurt and frozen mango.


4. Banana Strawberry Ice Cream

Sweet & Savory 

Sweet & Savory combines two fruits that were truly made for each other: bananas and strawberries. For a dessert that is dairy-free, it is surprisingly creamy and smooth. The secret to all of these is to use frozen fruit — whether you buy frozen fruit chunks or freeze fresh fruit.


5. No-Churn Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

Minimalist Baker 

Minimalist Baker believes that your lack of ice-cream maker shouldn't stand in the way of enjoying delicious, creamy, full-fat ice cream at home. Neither should your veganism. The secret of this recipe is sweetening coconut whipped cream with dates to create the perfect base — no churning required. Add cocoa powder for a fluffy chocolate mousse-like base that freezes up beautifully. Freeze for 30 minutes, and dive in.


6. Chai Spiced Coconut Ice Cream

A Girl Defloured  

Chai tea is rich and robust, so it's no surprise that it makes an excellent ice cream flavor. Recipe developer Alison, the food blogger behind A Girl Defloured, made chai-infused ice cream from coconut milk and sweetened it with honey. It's not vegan, but it's dairy-free and doesn't contain refined sugar, so it's safe for celiacs. Serve it with chocolate sauce, over peach pie or in an adult ginger beer float, recommends Alison.


7. Soft-Serve Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Pink Recipe Box 

Enjoy the flavor and texture of real ice cream with none of the usual fat and sugar. Pink Recipe Box uses a banana base, and adds in peanut butter, cocoa powder and milk for results that are, she promises, the most deliciously smooth and creamy not-really-ice-cream that you’ve ever tasted.


8. Salted Caramel Ice Cream

The Curvy Carrot 

Okay, we admit it. This recipe by The Curvy Carrot isn't as guilt-free as the others. It's got whole milk, sugar and heavy cream. But it's salted caramel. We couldn't resist. Save this one for cheat days!


9. Healthy Almond Pistachio Frozen Yogurt

Nutritionist in the Kitchen 

Back to the healthier stuff! Don't let the inclusion of avocado or, especially, frozen spinach put you off this recipe. Nutritionist in the Kitchen promises you can't taste either. They are there to give the ice cream its green hue. She uses 0% fat plain Greek yogurt as the base and frozen banana for that extra creaminess and sweetness. She also uses Stevia, but you can substitute it with raw honey. Then, of course, she adds pure almond extract and some pistachios. You do not  have to use xanthum gum for this recipe if you don't have it. It works as a natural thickener, but after vigorous blending you may find you don't even need it. In fact, if you don't care that your pistachio ice cream isn't green, then feel free to skip the frozen spinach and even the avocado — although the avocado will also add significant buttery creaminess to the final product.


10. Peace Frozen Yogurt

Just a Taste 

Just a Taste combines frozen peaches, agave nectar (or honey), yogurt and lemon juice in a food processor, and just five minutes later? Boom. Frozen healthy treat. You can serve immediately or store extra in an airtight container and pop it in the freezer. It will keep for a month.


11. Blackberry Ice Cream

The View from Great Island 

After Sue, the food blogger behind The View from Great Island, got rid of her ice cream maker, it felt like all these wonderful recipes for healthy ice cream started popping up everywhere. Isn't that always the way? So of course she had to try one in her food processor. Her first attempt, she says, went really well. The ice cream was smooth and tasty, though she does warn that if you don't like biting down on the blackberry seeds, you might consider choosing a different fruit or just making vanilla ice cream. She also recommends that you break up the initial frozen ice cream mix into small parts to make it easier on your food processor.