11 mouthwatering dumpling recipes that are better than takeout


making dumplings

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Pot stickers? Dumplings? Gyoza? Wontons? Jiaozi? What gives? Well, "pot stickers" refers to the cooking method; you pan fry the base first, then add water to steam cook them. But forget what's in a name. Regardless of what you call these dense, chewy pockets of savory goodness, it's what's on the inside that counts. We found you 11 recipes that include pork, beef, chicken, seafood and veggies, and even a gluten-free recipe that is sure to make some celiacs quite happy to not have to pass on a plate of tasty dumplings.


1. Popo's Pot Stickers

Photo by Mark Weinberg for Food52 

Food52 featured this recipe for pork and ginger pot stickers and called it the gold standard of dumplings. That's big praise indeed. Each dumpling packs flavor and then some: garlic, chili, ginger and "intense porkiness."


2. Kale & Corn Pot Stickers

Goodies a Volonte 

Goodies a Volonte used wonton wrappers to make these kale and corn dumplings. If you don't have black vinegar and chili bean sauce on hand, you can mix soy sauce and Sriracha, which might be easier to find at the grocery store.


3. Chorizo & Andouille Pot Stickers

Table for Two 

You won't need any spicy dipping sauce for these dumplings from Table for Two. They are packed with chorizo and andouille sausage, so there's plenty of heat in these babies already.


4. Lobster & Cream Cheese Wontons

Budget Bytes 

Budget Bytes used a mix of pollock and real lobster and cream cheese for these flavorful wontons, as well as some scallions and a splash of Sriracha.


5. Shiitake Mushroom & Tofu Potstickers

The Kitchn 

We are so glad The Kitchn played around with this recipe for dumplings, trying it out with a little more ginger, swapping baked tofu for fresh tofu, settling on shiitake mushrooms. Mmm, umami.


6. Salmon Potstickers with Wasabi Sauce

The View from Great Island 

The View from Great Island went with a clean and light filling: lightly poached salmon mixed with scallions and fresh ginger. The texture is slightly chunky and tender.


7. Vegetable Pot Stickers

A Hint of Honey 

Think veggie dumplings pale in comparison to meat, chicken or seafood ones? Think again, especially after you try this recipe from A Hint of Honey. There's shredded cabbage in this, so remember The Kitchn's advice: squeeze all the excess water out before adding it to the filling. The results will be denser, chewier dumplings.


8. Mango Habanero Pot Stickers

Love & Olive Oil 

Love & Olive Oil fills its dumplings with ground chicken, chunks of sweet mango and crunchy cabbage. The sweet and spicy dipping sauce is made with two teaspoons of Tabasco-brand Habanero Sauce , which itself is made with mango, banana and papaya purees, which offset the habanero peppers' heat.


9. Gluten-free Vegan Potstickers

My Eclectic Kitchen 

We picked this recipe from My Eclectic Kitchen not so much for the vegan filling but rather for tips on how to make gluten-free wrappers. That's right, take a bite, because there is no gluten in those dumplings.


10. Beef Steamed Dumplings

Better Homes and Gardens  

Better Homes and Gardens serves up these savory beef and veggie dumplings. Aw yeah, hoisin sauce.


11. Spicy Sesame Chicken Potstickers

Life's Ambrosia 

When it comes to dumplings, Life's Ambrosia is serious business, and we couldn't agree more. These babies are stuffed with tender ground chicken, spicy jalapenos, garlic and nutty sesame oil. Is your mouth watering yet?