11 sorbet recipes that skipped the sugar without sacrificing flavor


mango sorbet

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As temperatures finally begin to increase, so does the temptation to indulge our sweet tooth, grab a spoon and curl up with a pint of ice cream. You can watch your weight and sugar intake without feeling like you are depriving yourself. Sorbet is an excellent substitute for ice cream. Smarty Had a Party shared it's delicious champagne sorbet recipe with us a few weeks ago, just in time to welcome spring.

Smarty Had a Party

Typically, sorbet's two main ingredients are fruit and sugar. Since it doesn't contain dairy, it tends to have little to no fat. But fruit's already very sweet, so is the extra sugar even necessary? We found you 11 recipes that say it isn't. Ready to dig in?


1. Grapefruit Guava and Rum Sorbet

The Artful Desperado 

The Artful Desperado's recipe will make you feel like you're in the tropics. Can't get fresh guava fruit? You can use guava nectar — just be sure it's not concentrate! Between that and the rum, you certainly won't miss any additional sugar.


2. Five-Minute Mango Sorbet

Perry's Plate 

Here's another tropical fruit that is probably a little easier to find. Perry's Plate actually uses frozen mango chunks, and adds almond or coconut milk. The mangoes help give this sorbet a natural creamy consistency. And you can satisfy your craving in five minutes! How's that for incentive?


3. Two-Ingredient Coconut Lime Sorbet

Real Mom Kitchen 

Put the lime in the coconut and try out Real Mom Kitchen's recipe. She makes hers in an ice-cream maker, but you can use an air-tight container and freeze.


4. Cucumber Basil Sorbet

Scaling Back Blog 

Scaling Back Blog knows a thing or two about refreshing desserts to cool us down in those hot summer months. Fresh cucumbers never tasted this good.


5. Blueberry Sorbet

The Blueberry Council 

The Blueberry Council concocts this icy and refreshing treat in a matter of minutes. All you need are four cups of fresh or frozen blueberries (thawed) and a can of frozen apple juice concentrate.


6. Skinny Strawberry Sorbet

California Strawberries 

According to California Strawberries, strawberries are full of nutrients and only about 50 calories per cup, so it shared dietitian and author Mitzi Dulan's two-ingredient strawberry sorbet. You ready for the two ingredients? Fresh and frozen strawberries. Bam! All you need is a blender. How's that for quick and easy?


7. Green Grape Sorbet


Want an even easier recipe? Geniabeme's got it. Three cups of frozen green grapes. One blender. You're welcome.


8. POM Pomegranate Sherbet

A Family Feast 

All right, all right, so some fruits lend themselves a little more to being frozen, blended and transformed into a mouthwatering sorbet. Other fruit can use the extra help from coconut milk and honey. We loved A Family Feast's recipe for sherbet made with POM pomegranate juice, a can of coconut milk and honey. A Family Feast calls this dessert "sherbet," but since it's made with coconut milk instead of dairy milk and cream, it's actually sorbet.


9. Easy Cherry Blender Sorbet

Yummy Healthy Easy 

Now here's one that's called sorbet, which is actually sherbet because of the Greek yogurt and milk. Yummy Healthy Easy combines the cream yogurt with some frozen cherries a tiny bit of milk. Even with all that, you're still looking at 142 calories. Better than blowing your diet with some ice cream!


10. Pineapple Sorbet

The Girl Who Ate Everything 

The Girl Who Ate Everything recommends you wait until your pineapple is super ripe. The riper it is the juicier and sweeter it will be, meaning you can skip the sugar altogether.


11. Rosemary-Infused Pear Sorbet

A Squirrel in the Kitchen for Empowered Sustenance (guest post) 

Sophie from A Squirrel in the Kitchen specializes in autoimmune-friendly recipes, and was a guest poster on Empowered Sustenance. She shared this delectable rosemary-infused pear sorbet recipe. Don't skip the fresh rosemary, she warns, or you'll miss out on a delightful culinary experience!