11 spring rolls to get you through your lunch hour


spring rolls

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Healthy spring rolls are not just for summer. These versatile and highly customizable treats will keep you satisfied whether you enjoy them on a summer picnic or an autumn hike. Not just an appetizer, the spring roll can be a healthy lunch or a much-needed 3 p.m. snack. The best part is that omnivores can add meat to the following 11 recipes, or enjoy the vegan/vegetarian versions if they are trying to cut calories.


1. Lentil Spring Rolls

Vegan Family Recipes 

From: Vegan Family Recipes

Meat-eaters, don't let the word "vegan" scare you away. Made with fresh veggies and red lentils, these spring rolls are iron-rich and full of fiber. Pack them as a healthy lunch or serve them as a tasty appetizer.


2. Banh Mi Spring Rolls

Minimalist Baker 

From: Minimalist Baker

If the idea of crisp tofu makes you sneer, then go ahead and use pork — it's your kitchen! But if you want a perfect snack to pack along for those brisk walks and hikes and you're trying to lose weight, then follow this simple, healthy and — best of all — quick recipe made with crispy baked tofu, quick pickled veggies and an easy vinegar dipping sauce. Tangy and delicious!


3. Spaghetti Squash Spring Rolls

Sweet & Savory 

From: Sweet & Savory

These spring rolls are made with spaghetti squash rather than the more typical rice vermicelli, or very thin long rice noodles, which makes them even lighter and healthier. You can use this recipe as a base and add to it whatever you wish: lettuce, bean sprouts, pork belly — the sky's the limit. It's highly recommend that you prepare the filling around the work area because once you wet the rice paper, you’ll need to work quickly.


4. Rainbow Spring Rolls with Sweet & Sour Sauce

Thirsty for Tea 

From: Thirsty for Tea

Have a fridge full of veggies that will go bad if you don't do something and quick? Well, look no further than this recipe. Crunchy, creamy, light and tangy, these rolls really do make healthy eating a no-brainer.


5. Tropical Mango Spring Rolls

Cookie + Kate 

From: Cookie + Kate

If you can get your hands on some mangos then you'll definitely want to save some for this refreshing and tasty recipe. It also includes crisp bell pepper and peppery arugula, dunked in a bold, creamy lime and cilantro avocado sauce. Can you say party in your mouth?


6. Homemade Fresh Summer Rolls

Sally's Baking Addiction 

From: Sally's Baking Addiction

This recipe calls for veggies that you can slice thinly or julienne, so: cucumber, carrots, red pepper, cilantro, shrimp, chopped purple cabbage, butter lettuce (or whatever you have) and avocado. If you don't do shrimp you can substitute with steak, chicken, tofu — anything, really. We're not kidding about how wonderfully versatile spring rolls are.


7. Vietnamese Rolls with Avocado and Mango

Inquiring Chef 

From: Inquiring Chef

The ingredients for these rolls are pretty straightforward. Carrots, cucumbers and red pepper deliver crunch, while avocado and mango delivery creamy sweetness. Fantastic, right? Well, it's nothing compared to the dipping sauce, which is what really turned our heads. It’s a creamy sweet and sour combination of peanut butter, hoisin sauce, coconut milk and rice vinegar that will knock your socks clear off.


8. Sesame Quinoa Spring Rolls

iHerb's Healthy Haven Blog/Como, Come, Cami Blog 

From: iHerb's Healthy Haven Blog

Photo and recipe originally from Cami of Como. Come. Cami. Blog

Made with red quinoa and four handfuls of greens, these rolls are hearty and get their flavor from the dressing, which is made with rice vinegar, soy sauce, minced garlic, minced ginger and sesame oil. Yum!


9. Peanut Soba Spring Rolls

Love & Lemons 

From: Love & Lemons

Got some leftover noodles but not quite enough to make a meal of them? Then this is the recipe for you. A little goes a long way to filling these rolls up. Combine your leftover noodles with some cooked mushrooms, sliced avocado and some herbs or greens. If you use leftover soba noodles, you can skip the peanut dipping sauce and serve with some ponzu or light soy sauce instead.


10. Pad Thai Spring Rolls

Minimalist Baker 

From: Minimalist Baker

As much as we love cooking our favorite takeout meals at home, some of them, like Pad Thai, can be a bit involved and time consuming. Since we love to whip up tasty, healthy meals quickly, we couldn't resist this recipe, which takes Pad Thai and morphs it into a spring roll. Minimalist Baker eliminates superfluous ingredients, whittling the dish down to a portable, easy, downright delicious meal.


11. Sriracha Chicken Spring Rolls


From: Macheesmo

The secret to these rolls is the marinated chicken. Don't worry! You'll only need a few minutes. Then, cook the chicken in a hot skillet over medium-high heat until the strips are cooked through and — if you prefer — charred in places. The result is a sticky sauce on the chicken strips.