11 types of lettuce and leafy greens broken down by nutritional value


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What’s in your salad or sandwich? We’re talking the green stuff here — lettuce and leafy greens. If the answer is iceberg lettuce, well, you’re hardly alone. It’s pretty cheap, it keeps for more than two days, and it’s crunchy and delicious. But while it is unfair to say that it offers zero nutritional value, it doesn’t carry the nutritional wallop that the other leafy greens do.

Here’s a breakdown of 11 types of lettuce and leafy greens and what they offer your diet.


1. Iceberg

Poor iceberg gets a bum rap for having 'no' nutritional value, which is not only harsh but also not true. It doesn't have as much to offer as the darker leafy greens, but it's still a decent source of vitamins A and K.


2. Arugula

This leafy green is an excellent source of vitamin K.


3. Escarole

Also known as endive, eat this for vitamins A and C.