12 awesome effects that quitting smoking has on your body



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We're days away from the halfway point of the year, so we have to ask how those resolutions are going. How about those of you who quit smoking? If you've successfully remained smoke-free, congratulations! It can be a pretty tough habit to kick. If you've slipped up a bit or taken it up again, we found 12 facts that might help you give it another try.

The thing about campaigns that try to get people to stop smoking is that they tend to focus on negatives: photos of black lungs, images of the disfiguring effects of different types of smoking-related cancers and grim statistics, all with the intention of scaring smokers into giving up the bad habit for good. Yet, such tactics tend not to work in the long term, if at all.

This infographic on Huffington Post U.K. shifts perspective from the frightening negatives to 12 positives. Namely, it breaks down the effects that quitting smoking has on the body — as soon as 20 minutes after taking that last puff. Check it out:

Huffington Post U.K. 

And if you still need a bit of backup, get thee to a bookseller, buy Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking and read it. Carr's method is all about perspective. When you stop smoking, he says, you're not denying yourself something you want, but rather freeing yourself of something you don't need. You just might be amazed by the results of a slight change in focus.