12 essential items you need in your desk drawer right now


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Chances are you spend around 40 hours a week at your place of business, so little issues are bound to arise. Don't get caught off guard. Here's a list of essentials that you can use to build a kit that will help you take on whatever annoying, stressful circumstances come your way.


Cute tissues


You’ll need tissues to help with everything from a runny nose — thanks air-conditioner! — to that awkward moment when you realize the office restroom has run out of toilet paper. Never have to beg a coworker to “spare a square” again. The Kleenex Slim Pack ($1.37, CVS) is thin enough to take up only the tiniest bit of space and slip into a pocket for bathroom breaks.


First aid


Little wounds like papercuts are the actual worst, and though that cut may look small, germs can still invade. Not cute. You know what are cute? Band-Aid Designer Adhesive Bandages ($3.99, Walgreens), which display the signature whimsy of designer Isaac Mizrahi. Treat your cut without mess using the Neosporin Neo to Go! First Aid Antiseptic/Pain Relieving Spray ($6.49, Walgreens). Blisters are another minor wound that can be a major annoyance, especially when you realize too late into your commute that your gorgeous pumps are causing some very ugly friction. Give blisters the brush-off with Band-Aid Blister Gel Guard Adhesive Bandages $6.79, CVS), available for heels and toes.


Hydration station


Dry skin is annoying, but when you’re typing away and your skin is splitting, it could be downright painful. Make sure you have a fast-absorbing hand cream that will soothe skin and won’t leave greasy fingerprints all over your paperwork and keyboard. Try a fragrance-free option that won’t clash with any scent you’re wearing and heals as it hydrates, like Aveeno Skin Relief Hand Cream ($7.69, Drugstore.com), which contains colloidal oatmeal to soothe sensitive skin.

Don’t forget your lips! Treat dry, cracked lips and give yourself an aromatherapy boost with a lushly flavored lip balm like Farmacy Lip Bloom.


Period protection


You could track your menstrual cycle to the hour, and yet there will still be times when the crimson wave will come roaring forth without warning. Whether you prefer sanitary pads or tampons, it’s smart to have a range of absorbencies at your disposal. Pick up a variety pack at your local drugstore and keep one or two of each absorbency level on hand. You can also find packs that contain pads and tampons for customized protection, like the Playtex Sport Combo Pack ($9.49, Walgreens), which has a tampon and pad option as well as a tampon and liner option.


Clean up your act!


Even the most durable cosmetics can migrate during the day, especially in the heat, and it can be a pain to fix smudges and smears. Not so when you have a stash of Almay Oil Free Makeup Remover Sticks ($5.79, Rite Aid). Just snap the swab to release the makeup remover onto the cotton bud, swipe the smudge and get on with your day.

For those times when you need a full facial refresh, like before or after heading to the gym, you’ll want a wipe that can give you a clean start. (Just say no to clogged pores!) Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes for Acne-Prone Skin ($8.49, Rite Aid) contain pink grapefruit extract for an uplifting experience, while Simple Micellar Wipes ($6.79, Drugstore.com) get rid of dirt and makeup and are suitable for sensitive skin.

Looking for more portable makeup remover options? Check these awesome makeup removers, some of which are individually wrapped for easy portability.


Fresh breath


Murphy's Law states that the day you order some garlic-and-onion-laced monstrosity for lunch, bad breath be damned, will be the day you forget all about that 2 p.m. meeting. Whoops. Toothy Tabs ($4.95, Lush) to the rescue! Lush’s innovative solid teeth cleansing tabs contain essential oils, baking soda and kaolin clay and come in fantastic flavors like the fennel-spiked Breath of God and Ultrablast, a potent blend of wasabi and peppermint oil.


Tiny tweezer, big impact


Make quick work of stray hairs with the Cadillac of tweezers. The Tweezerman Moroccan Oasis Mini Slant Tweezer and Mirror Duo ($17.99, Ulta) has a chic diamond pattern, and the matching set will make you feel pretty and put-together while you pluck out that one coarse hair that loves to pop up on your face seemingly overnight.

Keep these items at the office and never be caught off-guard again!