12 savory recipes inspired by your favorite desserts


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Who loves dessert? Who doesn't love dessert? Who wants to feel like they're eating dessert when they're actually eating breakfast or dinner? 

It's possible, with these recipes of your favorite desserts amazingly reimagined as savory dishes. And with these delicious appetizers and meals, no one will judge you for indulging in seconds.


1. Banana Split with Yogurt and Jam

Go ahead! Have a banana split for breakfast. Only replace the ice cream with Greek yogurt. Skip the chocolate syrup and add some preserves. And pass on the sprinkles for some almonds and fruit.


2. Sandwich Cake

Have your sandwich cake and eat it too. With cucumber, smoked salmon, a sweet mustard sauce and shredded romaine lettuce, you won't be able to stop at one slice.


3. Quinoa Muffin Frittatas

An easy, healthy, grab-and-go breakfast option, these "muffins" are made with quinoa and a bunch of chopped veggies.


4. Mashed Potato Ice Cream Cones

The “cones” are Parmesan crisps, and the “filling” is mashed potatoes with butter and a little beet juice.


5. Cheese Ball Pops

These "lollipops" call for pecans, dried cranberries, feta cheese, cream cheese, Swiss cheese, honey and, of course, lollipop sticks.


6. Pizza Cupcakes

There's nothing better than pizza and cupcakes. Except maybe a pizza cupcake. 


7. Sushi Cake

Build the largest piece of sushi ever with a fluted tube pan and all your favorite sushi fixins, like fresh salmon, avocado, cream cheese and sesame seeds.


8. St. Louis Toasted Ravioli Lollipops

How many bites does it take to get to the center of a ravioli pop? We dunno. One? Here's what we do know: You need to make sure the pasta is thick enough to support the lollipop stick.


9. Spinach Brownies

OK, so these "brownies" contain zero chocolate chips. But they do have spinach, onion, red pepper, garlic
, bacon and shredded mozzarella cheese.


10. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Cannoli

If you've never thought of stuffing a cannoli with chicken, well, now you will. You're welcome.


11. Wild Mushroom Pie with Parmesan Crust

Move over, sugary fruit filling. Pie, meet mushroom and Parmesan cheese.


12. Upside-Down Onion and Potato Tart

Pineapple upside-down cake gets a savory makeover with onion, potatoes, chili flakes, cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese and olive oil.