12 savory tarts loaded with fresh vegetables


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The tarte tatin (pronounced tart tah-TAN) is an upside-down tart, historically made with butter, sugar, apples and a pastry crust — but it doesn’t have to be. Many creative cooks have found interesting ways to reinvent the classic French dish with vegetables instead of fruit, making what was once a sweet treat a savory indulgence.


1. Artichoke tart with manchego

This wonderful cheesy creation, from The Taste Revelation, is our new favorite way to cook fresh baby artichokes.


2. Zucchini tarte tatin with polenta

Zucchini season is right around the corner, so be sure to bookmark this Guilty Kitchen recipe — which uses polenta instead of the traditional pastry crust — for a yummy way to use up your summer squash.


3. Brussels sprouts tarte tatin

It’s hard not to like Brussels sprouts when there’s a flaky buttery pastry involved — not to mention caramelization. As Monika at Bake Noir explains, “The balsamic and honey tone down the bitterness of the Brussels sprouts completely, and contribute to the balance to the tart’s overall taste.”