12 St. Patrick's Day drinks that aren't green beer


green St. Patrick's Day shots

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Ah March. We've lost an hour of sleep and St. Patrick's Day is has arrived. If green beer is not your jam, never fear. Here are 12 delicious green cocktails to toast on the big day.


1. Green Margaritas

Gimme Some Oven 

Yeah, we're total suckers for a good margarita. Gimme Some Oven adds green juice (you can use either homemade or store-bought healthy stuff). While we totally appreciate sneaking something healthy into our booze, we're also thrilled about the serendipitous timing, which makes this a perfect drink for St. Pat's. 


2. Green Sangria

Delish Dlites 

A lot of green sangria recipes simply throw in pieces of green fruit, such as delicious kiwi. But for this recipe, Delish Dlites combines yellow (white wine) and blue (curaçao) to make sangria that is actually green.


3. Honeydew, Cucumber and Mint Mojito


Thyme concocted this green mojito, which intrigued us because it only requires 1 teaspoon of rum, and it's optional at that. So this is the mocktail to make (leaving out the rum, of course) for anyone who prefers alcohol-free drinks.


4. Pot of Gold

The Glitter Guide 

This drink isn't green, but who can't go for a little pot of gold now and again? The Glitter Guide combines champagne (or white wine) with some whiskey and fresh pear juice.


5. Sparkling Leprechaun Kiss

Hot Eats and Cool Reads 

Hot Eats and Cool Reads uses sour apple for the puckering up and some lime soda for the fizzy goodness.


6. Shamrock Smoothie


There are delicious but calorie-laden shamrock floats and shakes aplenty, so if creamy is what you're after without blowing your diet entirely, try this smoothie recipe, which is Homeketeers' healthy take on the shamrock shake.


7. Irish Flag


How cool is this mint-flavored Irish flag shot? Follow Barmano's instructions on how to get those layers just right!


8. Foaming Fairy

Sippety Sup 

We can't do a roundup on green drinks and forget to include the green fairy. Sippety Sup developed this old-fashioned cocktail using a touch of absinthe and some Old Tom gin. Cheers, big ears!


9. Elphaba’s “Wicked” Elixir

Slim Pickin's Kitchen 

Even though it was the book and musical Wicked  that inspired Slim Pickin's Kitchen to make this drink, it's green and yummy and therefore perfect for any St. Patrick's Day party.


10. Sonic Screwdriver

Knuckle Salad 

You don't have to be a Whovian to enjoy either of Knuckle Salad's geeky cocktails inspired by the Tenth and Eleventh doctors. Both of these twists on the classic screwdriver are pretty neat and tasty to boot.


11. Green Punch

Food Network 

Trisha Yearwood submitted this alcohol-free punch to the Food Network, but you can customize it with some vodka, rum or wine.


12. The Green Hornet

The Sweet Spot 

The Sweet Spot describes this recipe for the Green Hornet as the right amount of sweet and sour, thanks to the Midori melon liqueur and Malibu coconut rum. Don't forget the splash of Triple Sec!


Have a great St. Patrick's Day! And always, always, always drink responsibly!