12 weight-loss blogs that will inspire and motivate you


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Sometimes losing weight can seem like an insurmountable mountain. Until you see someone else do it. So if you're looking to lose weight and looking for some motivation, then look no further than these weight-loss blogs. They're honest, full of advice and, most importantly, firsthand accounts of people who tried and won.


1. Roni's Weigh

Roni describes her weight-loss journey on her blog like this: “One mom’s journey from fat to skinny to confident.” Because getting healthy is not about the size of your pants, but the size of your health and confidence — at least, we think so. We particularly love her “Exposed” post, in which she published a picture of her body (in underwear and crop top) to expose her arms, legs and torso. But rather than point out her flaws, she types over her body with positive messages. For example, over one leg she writes: “Got me across the marathon finish line.”


2. Lose Weight by Eating

Lose Weight by Eating isn’t just a weight-loss blog. It’s a blog chock full of amazing, healthy recipes. Like mango ginger water and chocolate peanut butter dip. Take it from Audrey: She’s tried every diet in the book, but the one that worked best? Cooking three meals a day in her own kitchen.


3. Stellar Fashion & Fitness

Home to one of our very own writers — Jen King — Stellar Fashion & Fitness combines two of our favorite things. Yes, she’s on a weight-loss journey, finding the right way to fit healthy eating and exercise — she’s run two half-marathons — into her busy life. But she’s also a fashionista and documents her awesome fashion finds on her blog, some of which she models herself. Jen has an uplifting can-do attitude, but keeps it real. When she’s having a less-than-stellar week, she’s honest and owns up to it.


4. Brooke: Not on a Diet

Just call her Brooke, “the girl not on a diet.” Or, more famously, as the girl who “refused to put a shirt on for Shape.” (Read the story here.) A Weight Watchers Leader, Brooke has lost more than 170 pounds and now considers herself an “after.” All without ever owning a gym membership, and all documented on her blog.


5. Ben Does Life

Talk about a transformation. Ben Does Life “is the scrapbook of my life and journey from morbidly obese and depressed to finding health and happiness. I have lost 120 pounds, run eight marathons, completed two Ironmans, and gone from depressed recluse to motivational speaker.” Ben's Tumblr page is a living scrapbook documenting his weight-loss journey, which we think is totally worth thumbing through. Can’t get enough? Check out his book, “Do Life.”


6. Who Ate My Blog

Stephen started Who Ate My Blog in February 2009 at his highest weight, 632 pounds, “to help keep me accountable with my health and wellness journey and to motivate others to reach their goals.” He has since lost more than 260 pounds by creating meal plans, thanks to the knowledge he’s gained from registered dietitians. He is also in a 12-step program for compulsive overeaters.