13 coolest off-leash parks & beaches to enjoy with your dog


Playing with dog in ocean at sunset

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Staying active is a lot easier when you have your cute, furry best friend wiggling and wagging her tail at you. Dog owners know what that signals: “Come out and play with me!”

There’s no wonder there are an estimated 70 miilion to 80 million dogs owned in the United States. Not only do they keep us on our toes, dogs also lower our stress levels, elevate our moods, and lower anxiety level and the risk of depression. See more health benefits of owning a pet here.

Play with them outdoors and you’re fulfilling your daily does of outdoor therapy. Studies show that just 20 minutes a day among the trees can boost your mood and energy levels.

Let’s reward good health, fitness and companionship with an action-packed trip to one of these amazing off-leash dog parks or dog beaches. Not only will you have a blast, you’ll both be entertained with all the doggy shenanigans.


1. Huntington Dog Beach

Location: Huntington Beach, California
Cool features: Located in the pet-friendly city of Huntington Beach, this 1-mile stretch of dog-friendly beach is perfect for you and your dog to run and play fetch. The beach also has its own cleanup crew.
Learn more: Dogbeach.org

2. Douglas Family Preserve

Location: Santa Barbara, California
Cool features: These 70 acres of hiking trails and beach showcase breathtaking views of the Pacific. Make sure your dog answers to your calls off-leash as there are steep cliffs.
Learn more: Bringfido.com


3. Carmel Beach City Park

Location: Carmel Beach, California.
Cool features: Nestled along the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Carmel Beach is renowned for its beautiful white sands and beautiful sunsets. Enjoy it with your pooch!
Learn more: Carmelcalifornia.com

4. Imperial Beach

Location: San Diego
Cool features: You're surrounded by a roomy beach and an unmatched view of the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay as you stay active with your furry friend... ’nuff said.
Learn more: Imperialbeachca.gov

5. Runyon Canyon Dog Park

Location: Los Angeles
Cool features: Absolutely gorgeous! You can go nuts on Runyon Canyon Dog Park’s 90 acres dedicated to off-leash roaming. Take in panoramic views of the mountains and cityscape as you go for a trail run or walk with your pup.
Learn more: LAparks.org

6. Magnuson Dog Park

Location: Seattle
Cool features: Enjoy 9 acres of beach and mostly flat gravel and winding trails, including a special shy (and small) dog area within the larger dog park.
Learn more: Seattle.gov

7. Fort Myers Dog Beach

Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Cool features: Let your dog run wild along the beach and in the water all day long, and then clean him at the new doggie shower station so he doesn’t dirty your car and home. Enjoy the views of the Gulf of Mexico while you play.
Learn more: Leeparks.org


8. Dog Wood Park

Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Cool features: Dog Wood Park is one of the country's largest completely fenced dog parks that covers 42 acres. Let your dogs swim and play in Lake Bow Wow, a two-acre lake; run through open fields; or nap in shaded areas on hot days. There’s even bathing facilities, an agility course and dog shop. You can sign up for puppy kindergarten, agility or obedience courses, too.
Learn more: Jaxdogs.com

9. Congressman Bill Archer Park

Location: Houston
Cool features: These 17 acres feature walking trails, agility courses and even dog-bone-shaped pools!
Learn more: http://www.pct3.com/dog-parks/#bill-archer-dog-park

10. Bow Wow Beach

Location: Stow, Ohio
Cool features: Seven and a half fenced-in acres surrounding a three-acre lake include both beaches and grassy areas, sunny spots and shade. Perfect for a day out with Fido.
Learn more: Funinstow.com

11. Rocky Top Dog Park

Location: Kingston, New Jersey
Cool features: Two acres with a swimming pond, waterfall and a special play area exclusively for puppies under six months old.
Learn more: sbtnj.net

12. Tompkins Square Dog Run

Location: New York City
Cool features: Complete with three swimming pools, crushed stone surface, shady trees, bath areas and picnic tables, this gem inside the Big Apple is home to the oldest, biggest and most renowned Halloween dog parade in the country.
Learn more: Tompkinssquaredogrun.com

13. Pilgrim Bark Park

Location: Provincetown, Massachusetts
Cool features: This park feature Art in the Park installments.
Learn more: Provincetowndogpark.or