13 Easy french onion soup-inspired recipes


 easy french onion soup

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Savory, decadent and covered in cheese, French onion soup is a thing of beauty. Thanks to the stick of butter and the cheese alone, it’s one of those soups that is packed with flavor — and calories. If you’re been disciplined about eating a healthy, balanced meal, and you’re allowing yourself to cheat on the rare occasion — namely, holiday season, which is closer than you think — then this is the soup to do it with.

We love the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for easy french onion soup, which includes a glass of chardonnay (or any dry white wine). It adds a layer of flavor to the soup that makes ingesting all those extra calories worthwhile. Just be sure to watch the sodium content of the beef and chicken broth you buy, if you’re not being hardcore and using your own. Vegetarians can, of course, substitute the beef and chicken broths with veggie broth.  

And if you are adamant about watching what you eat (seriously, go you!) and want to enjoy a bowl of French onion soup without indulging too much, check out this Weight Watchers recipe, which is 3 points.

Of course, we love French onion soup so much that we couldn’t leave well enough alone. We searched for ways to incorporate the soup into other dishes, and here’s what we found. Check out these 13 recipes that take the French onion soup out of the bowl.


1. French Onion Beef Stroganoff

French onion beef stroganoff

Were the Host the Toast bloggers on a mission to outdo the ultimate in comfort food? Because, by George, we think they’ve done it. They marry the iconic soup with “chunks of beef, fluffy egg noodles and a little creaminess mixed in.”


2. Roasted French Onion Potatoes

Roasted French onion potatoes

Laa Loosh’s recipe for roasted French onion potatoes is low in calories but high in flavor.


3. French Onion-Crusted Pork Chops

French onion-crusted pork chops

By combining Panko breadcrumbs with French onion soup mix, Bitz & Giggles ends up with tender and juicy pork chops covered in a savory crunchy crust.


4. French Onion Soup Casserole

French onion soup casserole

In her Hey What’s for Dinner Mom food blog, the Kitchen Magpie takes French onion soup and makes it portable. That is, she makes a casserole dish that you can take to the office to share.


5. French Onion Chicken Sandwiches

French onion chicken sandwiches

This recipe for French onion chicken sandwiches from Foxes Love Lemons is perfect for a lazy Sunday night meal.


6. French Onion Soup Sticks

French onion soup sticks

Want something a bit different from the usual mozzarella sticks? Here’s Host the Toast again with some French onion soup sticks that will be a hit at any party, as either appetizers or finger food.  


7. French Onion Soup Wonton Bites

French onion soup wonton bites

Speaking of appetizers and finger foods, check out these fantastic French onion soup wonton bites from Climbing Grier Mountain. Delicious!


8. French Onion Sandwich

French onion grilled cheese

With respect to the fantastic (and perfect) grilled cheese sandwich, we urge you to try instead this French onion soup-inspired grilled cheese from Pepper. And vegans, we’ve got your back always. Here’s a vegan version from the wonderful Olives for Dinner blog.