13 meat-free wings so you can enjoy your Monday Night Football


Plate of Buffalo chicken wings

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Hot wings are quite possibly one of the most perfect pub foods ever. They can be quite cheap (depending on the bar you frequent), go perfect with beer and are especially convenient to tear through whole you’re watching the Big Game. 

The following recipes for meat-free wings are sure to make vegans and vegetarians happy that they can tear into some wings as well. But they're also great for anyone who is watching what they eat, not to mention those who have been told by the doctor they need to cut back on meat and rich food.

Get your napkins ready, friends, because you don’t have to make a big sacrifice and go without anymore.

Here are 13 ways to chomp down on some wings while keeping it meat-free.


1. Buffalo tempeh wings

Buffalo tempeh wings

This recipe for tempeh hot wings from 28 Cooks uses Panko breadcrumbs to get that crunchy texture that makes you feel as if you're taking a bite out of some fried chicken wings.


2. Spicy tofu wings

Spicy tofu wings

Eating Whole's recipe for spicy tofu wings are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. And you can dip them in Eating Whole's delicious and "veganized" blue cheese dressing


3. Homemade vegan wings

Homemade vegan wings

JL Goes Vegan's homemade wings look like the real thing.


4. Buffalo quinoa bites

Buffalo quinoa bites

The Iron You demonstrates quinoa's versatility with this recipe that converts it into Buffalo-slathered football snacks.


5. Buffalo chickpea nuggets

Buffalo chickpea nuggets

Allyson Kramer goes all out with these vegan and gluten-free recipes that make a perfect vegan and vegetarian Superbowl party spread. We particularly like her recipe for Buffalo chickpea nuggets.


6. Baked mango Sriracha cauliflower wings

Baked mango Sriracha cauliflower wings

Vegan Richa takes cauliflower wings to a whole new level with this recipe that uses mango and sriracha for spicy, tangy and slightly sweet results.


7. Spicy cauliflower wings

Spicy cauliflower wings

Inspired Edibles's recipe recreates the classic buffalo chicken wing with one of our favorite vegetables instead. Oh, cauliflower, you most perfect of foods.


8. Crispy cauliflower wings with maple Sriracha coconut glaze

Crispy cauliflower wings with maple Sriracha coconut glaze

Ecokaren covers cauliflower in a maple coconut Sriracha glaze that had us drooling for hours.


9. Sesame-glazed cauliflower wings

Sesame-glazed cauliflower wings

Cupcakes and Kale Chips opts for a sesame glaze and offers substitutions for those who need to keep things strictly vegan (agave instead of honey) or strictly gluten-free (tamari instead of soy sauce).


10. Seitan's hell fire hot wings

Seitan's hell fire hot wings

We love The Chubby Vegetarian's recipe for seitan wings, and not just because of the clever name. It's simple and delicious.


11. Vegan sweet and sticky wingz

Vegan sweet and sticky wingz

Part of the fun of eating hot wings is how sticky your fingers get. So if you're looking for something delicious and messy, this recipe for sticky and sweet wings from Vegan Dad will do the trick.


12. Garlic parmesan tempeh wings

Garlic parmesan tempeh wings

Keepin’ It Kind covers tempeh wings in garlic and Parmesan for especially savory results.


13. Tempeh hot wings

Tempeh hot wings

Ordinary Vegetarian uses Louisiana-style hot sauce, which those with a low tolerance to spice will surely appreciate.