13 best vegetarian sandwiches that are reasonably easy to pack for work

We like sandwiches. Hearty, filling, non-wimpy sandwiches. And we like Meatless Monday. But we had trouble showing our appreciation for both of these things on Mondays when we wanted to bring our sandwiches to work for lunch. 

When you can't make a delicious, gooey grilled cheese in your office and you don't want to spend an hour in the mornings packing lunch, what vegetarian sandwich options do you have?

Turns out, you have plenty of them. Here are some of our new favorites:


Brie, arugula, apple sandwich

Here's our workaround for paninis like this one from, since you probably don't have a George Forman grill at your desk: Toast the bread when you're preparing your sandwich in the morning, and microwave that sucker for about 45 seconds when you're ready to eat. That way, the cheese gets all gloriously gooey and your bread is still crisp. 


Italian vegetable hoagie

Why should omnivores be the only ones who get to enjoy Italian subs? Eating Well gave the traditional Italian cold cut a vegetarian makeover, nixing the meat altogether and instead using red onion, artichoke hearts, tomato, provolone, lettuce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and dried oregano on a baguette. 


Roasted red pepper hummus, avocado and feta sandwich

Hummus and avocado are our two best friends when it comes to vegetarian sandwiches. You won't even miss the meat in this sandwich from Two Peas and Their Pod. While the recipe calls for store-bought roasted red pepper hummus, like Sabra's, it also calls for actual roasted red peppers — which we don't plan on making in the wee hours of the morning. Prepare these on Sunday so you have everything you need for your weekday sandwiches, or you can buy the store-bought ones. As the recipe notes, this sandwich does not need to be grilled. We recommend toasting the bread to add some crunch.



Submitted by Vegan_Jana on

While these all provide good flavor ideas, they still must be converted by taking out the cheese to provide healthy options.

Submitted by M Leybra on

Can cook up a pot of flavorful non-soupy lima beans to substitute for cheese or can always substitute hummus or some pre-grilled tempeh slices or sliced fried eggplant or whatever suits your fancy. With a little thought can make your own sandwich ideas.

Submitted by Cecilia on

Love all these ideas! Let's make them vegan and take out the cheese.

Submitted by Basha on

Let's not! Cheese is integral to a great sandwich. Maybe you should check out vegan sandwiches somewhere else . . .

Submitted by Bran Kaufman on

I can not wait to try these sandwhiches & I fully intend veganize the recipes to make them awesome! Happy to be Vegan and I will never be private about it!

Submitted by Tricia on

This is seriously the best collection of easy vegetarian take-to-work lunch recipes I've seen yet! Thanks!


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