14 ‘life-saving’ inventions to give you a leg up in 2014


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Tired of tripping on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night? Maybe you just hate slamming your head on the desk when you take your daily nap at the office. Whatever saving your life needs, we’ve got it.

So here are 14 “life-saving” gadgets and gizmos that will save you from falling, spilling, wasting money/electricity and burning your toast.


1. The Power Nap Head Pillow

Saves: Your head from hitting the laptop

Price: $99.95

It’s only the second week of 2014, and you’ve already had enough. We hear you. Take your nap to the next level with this head pillow. You’ll block out office noise and light for a restful power nap right in the middle of the day. We’re sure your boss will thank us.


2. WeMo Switch

Saves: Electricity and money

Price: $49.99

Control TVs, lamps, heaters, fans and more from your smartphone or tablet with the Wi-Fi-enabled WeMo Switch. You can also set schedules to remotely control your home from anywhere.


3. Magimix Colored Vision Toaster

Saves: Your toast

Price: $199.95

Say goodbye to burnt toast in 2014 with this toaster that lets you keep a watchful eye on your bread. It offers four preprogrammed heat settings: Toast, Bagel, Reheat and Defrost.