14 gifts to celebrate your single self on Valentine's Day


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Hate Valentine’s Day? Who doesn’t, amiright? Wrong. We should all be embracing Feb. 14. Here’s why.

Even if you’re single — or maybe in a relationship but can’t stand the sappy sweet sentiment of that stupid Hallmark holiday — you can still celebrate the day. With gifts! Which we totally recommend buying for yourself … if you don’t have an S.O. to do it for you.

We found the inventive. We found the red. We even found some anti-Valentine’s Day goodness to fill your V’Day stocking. And of course, we found the chocolate.

(We do sincerely apologize for the hot pink and the hearts. It is Feb. 14 after all.)


1. Sugarfina love bites giftset

Price: $25

If you're tired of chocolate (OMG, really?!), Sugarfina has got you covered with its love bites giftset of three candy cubes, which include:

  • "Plenty of Fish in the Sea" - All-Natural Swedish Fish

  • "Men are Pigs" - Gummy Piglets

  • "Stop Kissing Frogs" - Apple Frogs


2. Ribbon Heart Dishtowel

Price: $18

If you truly hate Valentine's Day, use this dishtowel from Anthropologie to clean your dirty countertops. Just make sure you use it heart side down.


3. BKR

Price: $34

BKR — pronounced “beaker” — is made out of glass, not typical of your standard water bottle. (We love them so much, we've written about them before.) But as the company claims on its website, “Glass is better for your body and the earth.” They even have BKRs with hearts on 'em.