15 delicious rice pudding recipes from around the world


rice pudding

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Think rice pudding is boring? Think again. These 15 recipes from around the world will have you licking the bowl clean and demanding seconds.


1. Coconut Milk Rice Pudding with Citrus and Ginger

Photo by James Ransom for Food52 

This recipe featured on Food52 brightens the classic pairing of coconut milk and vanilla with seasonal citrus and ginger. A friend recommends adding diced mango.


2. Portuguese Rice Pudding (Arroz Doce)

Family Foodie 

When it comes to the decorative circles in this Portuguese rice pudding, Family Foodie keeps it simple. You can use the plastic top of any bottle in your pantry. Dip the top in water, then dip it into a plate of cinnamon and decorate your pudding.


3. Filipino Chocolate Rice Pudding (Champorado)

The Hungry Traveler  

The Hungry Traveler whips up this traditional Filipino breakfast delicacy. Champorado, she explains, is made by boiling sticky rice with cocoa powder or semi-sweet chocolate.


4. Mexican Rice Pudding

Mexico in My Kitchen 

Rather than simmering plain whole milk with sugar until it's creamy, the food blogger behind Mexico in My Kitchen saves some time and uses condensed milk instead, adding it after boiling the rice with water.


5. Venezuelan Coconut Rice Pudding

A Life Journey Together 

A Life Journey Together based this recipe for Venezuelan coconut rice pudding on the one included in Global Vegetarian Cooking by Troth Wells. With just a few alterations, the results were smooth, not too sweet and even had a little bite from the grated lemon rinds.


6. Swedish Rice Pudding (Risgrynsgröt or Julegrot)

Just a Smidgen 

Just a Smidgen explains that, on Christmas Eve, Swedish households serve bowls of Julegrot, also called Risgrynsgröt. It's customary to stir a single almond into the pudding, and it's believed that whoever finds it in his or her serving will be the next to get married.


7. Cardamom Rice Pudding (Payasam)

Photo by John Kernick for Epicurious 

Epicurious featured this South Indian take on rice pudding, explaining that serving it is essential at every wedding, birthday and holiday. Serve warm and a little on the soupy side.


8. Indian Rice Pudding (Kheer)

Photo by Landon Nordeman for Saveur 

Saveur featured this traditional cardamom-scented Indian rice pudding, also called Kheer, which is the type of pudding you're probably more familiar with if you frequent Indian restaurants.


9. Colombian Rice Pudding  

My Colombian Recipes 

This Colombian-style rice pudding is sweet, creamy and delicious. The blogger behind My Colombian Recipes explains that the pudding will thicken more as it cools, so be careful not to overcook.


10. Persian Saffron Rice Pudding (Sholeh Zard)

Family Spice 

Sholeh Zard is a Persian dessert made with white basmati rice, saffron, rosewater and sugar. Like many Persian dishes, explains Family Spice, it’s all about the garnishes and designs you create with the cinnamon, dried rose petals, almonds and pistachios. Saffron's pretty pricey, so feel free to use safflower, which is often used as a cheaper substitute.


11. Cuban Rice Pudding

De Su Mama with Vanessa Bell 

De Su Mama with Vanessa Bell makes this simple but still yummy traditional Cuban rice pudding with Arborio rice and a bit of lemon rind for some extra bite.


12. Turkish Rice Pudding (Firin Sütlaç Tarifi)

Give Recipe 

Some Turkish restaurants serve this rice pudding with crushed nuts, but the food blogger behind Give Recipe prefers to leave them out. You can cook it on the stovetop and then pop it in the oven to char the top as shown.


13. Sweet Potato Rice Pudding

The Healthy Maven 

We couldn't resist including this sweet potato rice pudding recipe. This was the final dish the Healthy Maven prepared before moving out of her childhood home.


14. Lebanese Rice Pudding (Riz Bi Haleeb)

Dirty Kitchen Secrets 

Mastic is a gum or resin that is named for and exuded from the bark of the bushy evergreen Mediterranean tree of the cashew family. Dirty Kitchen Secrets includes mastic powder in this delectable recipe for Lebanese rice pudding, as well as a tablespoon of orange flower blossom water for creamy, fragrant results.


15. Albanian Rice Pudding

Mom! What's for Dinner? 

The food blogger behind Mom! What's for Dinner? learned to make rice pudding from her Albanian grandmother, but worked out how to make it in the slow cooker. After three attempts, she nailed it. She recommends making rice pudding when your milk is near its expiration date so you can use it up before it ends up down the drain. We like this plan. We like it a lot.