15 delicious ways to prepare tabbouleh



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Tabbouleh originated in the mountains of Syria and Lebanon, and is one of the most popular salads in the Middle East and beyond. It's typically made with tomatoes, finely chopped parsley, mint, onion and bulgur wheat, and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice and salt, but there are countless variations of the dish. You can substitute the bulgur with a variety of ingredients, including cauliflower, butternut squash, cabbage, quinoa or couscous, as you'll see in the following 15 recipes. Regardless of how you customize the classic recipe, the end results are the same: bright, refreshing and delicious.


1. Tabbouleh

Sailu's Kitchen 

We start with the classic recipe, presented beautifully here by Sailu's Kitchen. Bulgur is high in fiber and adds a light, sweet and nutty flavor and chewy texture to tabbouleh.


2. Quinoa Tabbouleh

Garden Therapy 

Garden Therapy substitutes bulgur with quinoa in this recipe. Fresh herbs complement the fluffy quinoa, along with a splash of refreshing lime.


3. Couscous Tabbouleh

Camille Styles 

Camille Styles substituted bulgur with couscous and added chopped cucumber to the cherry tomatoes, along with plenty of fresh herbs. Although in this case it was served as a side, it really can be the main course when paired with a loaf of crusty bread and chilled glass of sauvignon blanc.


4. Mediterranean Tabbouleh Hummus Dip

Eats Well with Others 

Eats Well with Others combined two dips — tabbouleh and hummus — to create this mouthwatering multi-layered Mediterranean flavor explosion. She's right. Your pita chips will never be the same again.


5. Texas Tabbouleh Recipe

Taste of Home 

Taste of Home featured this fantastic fusion of Middle Eastern cuisine and Tex-Mex, submitted by Tammy Davis, who used to live in Texas and was craving a little, well, taste of home. Pico de gallo meets tabbouleh in this flavorful recipe.


6. Cauliflower Tabbouleh

Photo courtesy of Jake Garland for Pure Wow 

Pure Wow took a stab at this gluten-free and raw-diet-friendly tabbouleh recipe from Clean Plates founder Jared Koch, included in The Clean Plates Cookbook. Ground cauliflower adds texture to the herby salad, not to mention an even bigger dose of veggies.


7. Beet and Feta Tabbouleh

Inquiring Chef 

Inquiring Chef doesn’t stray too far from traditional Middle Eastern tabbouleh. There is still plenty of parsley and lemon, as well as a good, hearty grain — but beets and feta bolster the dish.


8. Kale Tabbouleh

Simple Bites 

Simple Bites adds garlic scapes to this recipe for a fantastic crunch. The kale and parsley both soften under the bold citrus vinaigrette.


9. Spinach Quinoa Tabbouleh

Cooking Quinoa 

Cooking Quinoa uses (guess) quinoa instead of bulgur, but she doesn't stop there. She also adds spinach, roasted red pepper and a splash of tamari. The result is a bright, fresh and flavorful dish that pairs nicely with hummus and pita chips.


10. Celeriac, Red Cabbage and Apple Tabbouleh

La Tartine Gourmande 

La Tartine Gourmande dressed this salad with traditional tabbouleh ingredients: aromatic fresh herbs, lemon juice, hazelnut oil and a rich fragrant extra virgin olive oil. As for the remaining ingredients, she went with celeriac, red cabbage, radishes and apples.


11. Quinoa & Asparagus Tabbouleh

Craving Greens 

Craving Greens not only substituted bulgur with quinoa but also added some asparagus for an extra layer of crunchy texture.


12. Butternut Tabbouleh

Cookie + Kate 

We love this bold recipe by Cookie + Kate. Tender, cubed butternut squash replaces the traditional tomatoes and cranberries add intrigue. This herbaceous salad is light, healthy and perfect to eat while we wait for spring to grace us with its presence.


13. Tomato and Cabbage Tabbouleh

Bon Appetit 

Bon Appétit explains that a proper tabbouleh will be mainly vegetables and herbs, with just a smattering of bulgur threaded through. And in this recipe, the star of the show is cabbage.


14. Charred Corn and Carrot Green Tabbouleh

The Gouda Life 

The Gouda Life uses frozen corn in this recipe, but you are encouraged to use fresh corn if you have it. Still, regardless of which you go with, the sweet corn balances all the tangy, lemony, fresh flavors that tabbouleh is known for. The carrot greens are earthy and slightly bitter.


15. Spiced Moroccan Cauliflower Couscous Tabbouleh with Halloumi

Lavender and Lovage 

We don't advocate the 5:2 diet, but we couldn't ignore this recipe for spiced Moroccan cauliflower couscous tabbouleh. Using cauliflower instead of bulgur or couscous does keep things on the lower calorie side of the diet spectrum, which is nice. Even nicer are how the other ingredients — carrot, onion, garlic, tomatoes and rocket leaves — complement one another. And the Halloumi cheese adds protein, as well as another layer of texture and noms.