15 foods you should never buy again


Blueberry muffins

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When you walk into any grocery store, you’re automatically bombarded with tons of choices. If you want some basics like chicken noodle soup, there are so many brands to choose from; and then those brands may or may not have harmful ingredients like MSGs. (Better yet, make your own chicken noodle soup.) It’s such a hassle to sift through all your options and find out that your favorite brands are full of unhealthy ingredients. Be smarter this year by avoiding these 15 foods.


1. Soups

You can commonly find MSGs in lots of your favorite soups, including hidden MSG ingredients like hydrolyzed protein and autolyzed yeast extract. These ingredients trick your brain into eating more when you are actually full. They have also been linked to headaches, obesity, depression and mental disorders. Next time, look in the organic section and find a healthier take on an old favorite. (via Foodbabe)


2. Multi-grain bread

When you buy multi-grain bread, be sure to check the ingredients. If it doesn’t say whole wheat first, then it most likely isn’t the main ingredient. A few grains are added to white bread to pass it off as something healthy. Try quinoa or barley brown rice to get those healthy grains. (via Reader’s Digest)


3. Reduced-fat peanut butter

When you see reduced fat, you might think it’s healthy, but it’s actually not. Companies need to add something to make the peanut butter taste good when they take the fat out, which usually means sugar. So, essentially less fat means more sugar. If you use regular peanut butter instead, you get the good fats and proteins without the fake sweetness. (via Reader’s Digest)


4. Smoked and cured meats

Be wary of these meats! They have been linked to cancer, disease, high blood pressure and migraines. Regulations allow fats to be 50% of fresh pork sausage, so they’re also packed with artery-clogging grease. Maybe you should just avoid this aisle altogether. (via Reader’s Digest)


5. Blueberry-flavored items

Would you be surprised to find out that your favorite blueberry-flavored items actually don’t have blueberries in them, or did you already suspect that? Everything from breakfast cereals to muffins to granola bars are filled with artificial blueberry flavoring. You can always buy plain cereal and fresh blueberries for a truly healthier option. (via Reader’s Digest)


6. Bottled tea

These teas are chock-full of sugar and artificial flavoring — they can have more sugar than a can of soda. If you brew your own tea at home, it’s better for you and less expensive. (via Reader’s Digest)


7. Gluten-free baked goods

Gluten-free bread, cookies and crackers can often be filled with more refined flours, artificial ingredients and sugar than other baked goods. Just because it says gluten-free doesn’t mean it’s healthy. (via Reader’s Digest)