15 pieces of yoga equipment & what they’re used for


yoga class in cobra pose

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It's National Yoga Month! Time to celebrate one of the most beloved forms of exercise and meditation in the world. In honor of this special occasion, we decided to round up the most popular and not-so popular pieces of yoga gear that will help make the most of your yoga session.

Many pieces of yoga equipment may look weird but they serve as props to help you ease into a pose — whether you're coming back from an injury, you're a beginner or learning an advanced pose — the following pieces of yoga gear can help you out big time!

1. Balls

Using an exercise ball will help you get into a pose and also give you a good workout. The book, Yoga on the Ball: Enhance Your Yoga Practice Using the Exercise Ball, will show you how to use a ball during your yoga practice.

2. Blanket

Because blankets are easily adjustable, they are perfect props to support your back, legs or neck. You can sit on a blanket for cushion or cover yourself with one during Savasana so you are warm and cozy. Mexican blankets are the most popular blankets to use in yoga. Buy them here.

3. Blocks

Blocks bring the floor to you. They are used to help you comfortably get into a pose without hurting yourself — especially if you're just starting out, have a physical limitation or are learning advanced poses — and with proper alignment of the body. They are also a great prop to use in restorative poses so you can relax into a pose without struggling to stay in position. The block does all the work. Buy them here in either foam, cork or wood.

4. Bolsters

These pillows come in different sizes and shapes and serve as ways to modify poses so you are comfortable and safe. Here are some ways to use bolsters in your practice.


5. Crystals

Placing certain crystals around your mat or in front of your mat while you practice yoga is believed to heal, give clarity during your practice and tap into your chakras, or energy centers. Check out this extensive crystal glossary to learn the benefits of different crystals.