15 potato-less tots plus one outrageously good casserole recipe


Tater tots on a plate

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When it comes to cooking, it’s pretty difficult to mess up a potato. It's pretty delicious in virtually all its forms: au gratin, baked, mashed. But there’s something about tater tots that’s extra special. Nostalgia for childhood lunches and dinners notwithstanding, it’s one of those sides that remains delicious and that we crave regardless of how old we are.

Of course, now that we aren’t kids anymore, we can make them a little healthier and less guilt-inducing, by baking them rather than frying them. Or … for those trying to cut back on carbs or starchy vegetables, you can use other veggies and assorted ingredients for results that are just as gratifying. How do you make a tater tot without a potato? Well, we rounded up 15 ways for you and included a recipe that takes tots to new culinary heights. Check them out.  


1. Cauliflower tots

Cauliflower tots

Skinny Taste shows that there really isn't anything cauliflower can't do. It's like the Superman of vegetables.


2. Tater-less parmesan zucchini tots

Tater-less parmesan zucchini tots

This recipe by Averie Cooks uses zucchini and parmesan. It's perfect for those who want to like zucchini but can't get past the texture, or for moms who are trying to convince their kids to eat their veggies.


3. Easy baked sweet potato tots

Easy baked sweet potato tots

Minimalist Baker's recipe uses sweet potato, which is so good for you. Just think of all those vitamins and nutrients packed in a single tot. Nom!


4. Homemade cheddar tater tots

Homemade cheddar tater tots

Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice uses cheddar for these cheesy tots. If you can get your hands on some double Gloucester cheddar cheese to make these, you won't be sorry.


5. Nacho cheese cauliflower tots (paleo + gluten-free)

Nacho cheese cauliflower tots

Bloglovin's nacho cheese (and cauliflower) tots are gluten-free, Paleo friendly and perfect for a Monday night snack for those patiently waiting for football season to (finally) kick off.

6. Low-carb parmesan "tater tots" with chipotle dipping sauce

Low-carb parmesan "tater tots"

Lowcarb-ology's recipe for parmesan tots is doubly mouthwateringly good because of that chipotle dipping sauce.


7. Homemade tater tots (with leftover mashed potatoes)

Homemade tater tots

Taste and Tell uses leftover mashed potatoes to make these homemade tots. And we love putting leftovers to good use!


8. Parmesan truffle tater tots

Parmesan truffle tater tots

Anyone who ever thought that tots can't get all types of swanky hasn't seen this recipe from My Life as a Mrs.


9. Crisp gnocchi tater tots

Crisp gnocchi tater tots

Food & Wine Magazine takes the gnocchi and transforms it into a tot. Nice!


10. Churro tots

Churro tots

Shut the front door, tots for dessert?!? Oh, hells yes. Just check out these churro tots from A Cozy Kitchen.

11. Pizza tots

Pizza tots

Tots are the ultimate comfort food, so this recipe for pizza tots from Simple Comfort Food is pretty darn perfect.


12. Cajun-spiced tater tots

Cajun-inspired tater tots

That's not a spicy meatball, that's a spicy tot, courtesy of Everyday Southwest.


13. Carrot, cheddar and cucumber tots

Carrot, cheddar and cucumber tots

There had to be tots that included carrots, right? And we scored when we found this delightful recipe by Dish by Dish that also uses shredded cucumbers. Genius!


14. Quinoa tater tots

Quinoa tater tots

Quinoa is one of those ingredients that almost begs to be fashioned into tot form. We especially liked this recipe by Plant Based on a Budget, which also includes red pepper flakes for some extra umph!


15. Crispy bean tots

Crispy bean tots

Super Healthy Kids' recipe for tots uses garbanzo beans. Once again, this is a nice recipe for those who don't really care for chickpeas except in hummus form and want a bit of a break from it.


Cooking with tots

But wait, there's more! Oh, yes, we went there, but with good reason — namely, this recipe by Herbivore Triathlete which uses curried tots to make the following decadent casserole.

Curried tater tot casserole

This vegan-friendly recipe marries tater tots with curry and serves it up as the ultimate in comfort food.