16 tips for a better you with help from some tasty almonds



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Almond Day may only come once a year — on Feb. 16 — but there are many different ways almonds can help you improve your health and well-being every single day. That’s why California Almonds has partnered with culinary nutritionist and wellness expert Katie Cavuto to unlock some creative ways of incorporating almonds into your daily routine for a heart-healthy lifestyle. Check out Katie’s 16 tips for a better you.



  • Learn to savor each bite. When you eat mindfully and delight in the experience, you will feel more satisfied with a smaller portion of your favorite foods. Try this: take a dark chocolate covered almond and put it in your mouth. Before you start to chew, notice the texture of the almond. Then, with each bite, pay attention to the flavor and textures and any changes that may take place. Pause to experience how delicious it tastes.
  • Breathe. Harness the power of your breath. One juicy breath can truly transform your body and state of mind. Stressed? Worried? Give this a try. Stop what you are doing, close your eyes and inhale fully. Pause for a few seconds and then exhale slowly and consciously release any negative thoughts or energy that you are holding onto. Notice any changes that take place? It’s relaxing, huh? If one breath can be this powerful, imagine the robust shift you will feel when you mindfully take a few more.
  • Eat a handful of almonds! It can be difficult to keep your mind focused on an empty stomach and almonds are the perfect snack to stave off hunger.
  • Grow something! Growing your own food is sustainable, healthy and rewarding. There is a lot of joy to be gained through the satisfaction of nurturing a plant. The presence of plants in the home can improve air quality, reduce stress and anxiety and improve overall well-being.
  • Eat with gratitude. Gratitude practices can bring about happiness. The same can be said for creating joyful eating experiences. Shared eating experiences with loved ones can be uplifting and provides a positive boost!



  • Shift your intentions around food. Instead of focusing on dieting and will power, choose a positive intention like eating to nourish your body. Focus your energy on creating a nourishing, nutrient dense plate of whole foods and find bliss in your intention to care for yourself.
  • Spice up your snack routine by trying a new flavor of almonds and create a simple, energizing, flavorful snack all the while dampening your cravings.
  • From almond butter to almond milk, almond flour and whole almonds, there are many ways to incorporate almonds into your daily meals to ensure your consuming adequate amounts of key nutrients.
  • Create your own convenience foods with a little planning. Just one serving of almonds contains 6 grams of protein and 13 grams of satisfying unsaturated fats. Keep a serving of almonds in your car, gym bag, purse or office so you have a crave-worthy, crunchy snack on hand at all times.
  • Have crazed mornings prevented you from eating a nourishing breakfast? Ensure you have time for this essential meal by preparing your breakfast foods ahead of time. You can make smoothie packets and store them in the freezer or blend up a smoothie the night before. Add a scoop of almond butter to create a more satisfying meal.



  • Become a part of the “Meatless Monday” trend and incorporate plant-based proteins, like almonds into your meals. “Meatless” meals often feature plant based proteins, which contain good, unsaturated fats that offer many health benefits.
  • Create a more plant-centric plate! This simple shift in the way you arrange your plate boasts a myriad of health and environmental benefits.
  • Did you know that almond trees provide more than just the delicious kernel we eat? Almond trees contribute to water efficiency by producing three products in one including the kernel, the hull which is used for livestock feed and the shells that are used as alternative fuel to produce electricity and as livestock bedding. So, think about that the next time you crunch on an almond!
  • Do you think about your food waste? Meal planning, embracing leftovers and striving to use what you already have in your kitchen is a great way to reduce trash, take control of your food choices and ensure you plate is nourishing and sustainable!
  • Locally sourced foods help support the local community. Almonds are an important crop to the U.S. and California especially because they can be grown in only a few places in the world that have a Mediterranean-like climate. And lucky for us, California is the most productive place they grow.


Follow Katie's "16 Days to a Better You" Almond Day Meal Plan

Katie developed a bunch of recipes in collaboration with California Almonds and has shared a few of them with us. So don't forget to check out her recipe for citrus and spice quinoa coconut almond breakfast porridge, and keep watching this space for more!


Katie Cavuto is a Philadelphia-based registered dietitian and wellness advocate, Katie believes that health is about more than what you eat. She aims to inspire people to live well through messages of self-love, food enjoyment, mindfulness and sustainable, conscious living. Katie appears in regular nutrition and cooking segments on local and national TV. Her writing and recipes have been showcased nationally in Othe Oprah MagazineFamily Circle and more. Katie is the dietitian for the Philadelphia Flyers and Phillies and was awarded Philadelphia Magazine's "Best of Philly” in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014. Her first cookbook is being published by the American Diabetes Association in late summer of 2016. For recipes and wellness tips visit her blog www.nourishbreathethrive.com.