17 awesome and easy avocado recipes too weird to not try


easy avocado recipes

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Avocado, which is technically a fruit but considered a vegetable in the culinary world, has some identity issues. It can’t seem to figure out its place in the world. One minute it’s stealing the show in Mexican dishes; the next it’s taking a stint as a butter substitute in baked goods, finding its way into pasta dishes and even pretending it’s a french fry.

Shockingly, it excels in almost every role it’s given — which is why we continue to test its versatility in progressively weirder ways. These bizarre and easy avocado recipes are some of our more recent finds.


Avocado naan


Since most naan is made with yogurt, Vegan Richa developed an avocado version that uses zero animal products. This unique take on the flatbread uses about half of a regular-sized avocado and is actually an oddly intriguing green color (although we’re not sure if kids would consider it so much intriguing as “yuck”).

Photo: VeganRicha.com


Avocado lime tequila ice pops


The color, texture and flavor of these ice pops from Stresscake is likely to provoke some entertaining reactions. Everything about them is just … unexpected — but in a good way! Great for non-dairy eaters too!

Photo: Stresscake.wordpress.com


Avocado risotto


Weird. So weird. But don’t you want to know what it tastes like? This risotto from Amuse Your Bouche gets its creaminess — and yumminess — from two avocados. Vegetarian but not dairy-free because it contains edam cheese.

Photo: AmuseYourBouche.com


Avocado protein brownies


Replace the bad fats of butter with the good fats of avocado. These gluten-free chocolate brownies from Sweet Twist of Ate pack in extra protein with chocolate protein powder and are topped with a mixture of chocolate cream cheese, Nutella, sugar, milk and sprinkles.

Photo: SweetTwistOfAte.blogspot.com


Avocado egg rolls


To us, these avocado egg rolls from I Wash You Dry are more ingenious than weird, but some of you may consider the recipe unusual. After all, when was the last time you found avocado in your Chinese takeout? Bonus: It includes a recipe for creamy cilantro ranch dip.

Photo: iWashYouDry.com


Avocado ice cream


Ingredients you would have never considered including in ice cream can sometimes make for the best flavors. (Sidenote for New Yorkers: You MUST try the olive oil gelato — and crème fraiche gelato — at Mario Batali’s OTTO Enoteca Pizzeria.) This avocado ice cream from David Lebovitz is oddly delicious. Don’t forget the salt — it really perfects the dish. For those without an ice cream maker, here’s an interesting avocado sorbet recipe.

Photo: TwoPeasAndTheirPod.com