17 awesomely helpful moving tips


man carrying box full of stuff

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In the past 10 years, I have moved about seven times. Given, a few of those were during college, but still. I’m pretty tired of packing up and changing my address.

And since many of you have probably moved more than a few times in your lives — and will probably move again — we’ve compiled a bunch of helpful tips to help make your next move a little easier.


MovingBoxesBox it up

  1. It’s tempting to use old boxes lying around in your home. Resist the urge, according to the moving experts at Two Men and A Truck, and invest in new, thick boxes. Free used boxes could have structural damage. Do not use produce boxes, which could have bugs and larvae.
  2. Buy boxes designed for items being packed, like a dish pack box or glass moving box, which have slots for each item.
  3. Use packing paper to store breakables, and do not use newspaper, which can stain.
  4. Use packing tape; duct tape will not stick to corrugated boxes.
  5. Use smaller boxes when packing heavy items, so the weight is kept to a minimum.


Security first

Not only is moving a pain, but it can give criminals ample opportunity to steal your personal information. Protect your identity with these tips from Experian’s ProtectMyID:

  1. Change your address with companies, financial institutions and magazines that send you mail. The new residents of your old home will most likely throw out mail that isn’t theirs — and they won’t take the time to shred sensitive documents the way you would.
  2. Prior to your move, change your mailing address through the United States Postal Service. You can choose the date for the change to take effect, so feel free to do this early.
  3. As you go through your stuff, you may find old documents you no longer need. Do not just throw them away — shred them first.
  4. Know where your important documents are, and keep them in a secure place.
  5. Hire a reputable moving company. They’ll be in and out of your home numerous times.
  6. Keep track of your computers and mobile devices, which often store sensitive information. Lock them with passwords and securely pack them in unmarked packaging.


Pinterest tips

  1. Download these labels from The Project Girl. Fill them in and affix them to you boxes so you know what’s what.
  2. Keep your plates safe by placing a foam plate between each one, according to The Frugal Girls.
  3. Protect your furniture and mattress and with old sheets. Place two fitted sheets on your mattress — one on either side, says Better Homes and Gardens.
  4. Get some simple meals for moving week so you don’t need to cook. Passionate Homemaking suggests easy freezer meals and canned soup.
  5. Turn drawer hardware inside out. Remodelaholic suggests taking handles that stick out from furniture and re-screwing them inside out.
  6. Keep your hanging clothes on your hangers and stuff them in garbage bags from the bottom up, suggests The Wicker House.


We know this is only a small list of valuable moving tips. So tell us below: What other advice has gotten you through a tough move?