17 unbelievably delicious ways to make a stuffed avocado [recipe]


stuffed avocado recipe

Among the 2,892 reasons we love stuffed avocados is No. 987: You can use the empty hole where the pit used to be as a bowl for more incredible food. Or — perhaps even better! — you can scoop out the avocado flesh, chop it up, mix it with other yummy ingredients and stuff the avocado skins with the whole shebang!

From BLT stuffed avocados to baked avocado salsa, we present to you 17 recipes that will change the way you eat the best fruit in the world.


BLT stuffed avocado

BLT’s were always missing something: an A. Instead of using bread as the foundation for a BLT sandwich, this recipe from Farmgirl Gourmet uses avocado halves, stuffing them with a mix of cubed rustic bread, tomato, spinach, bacon and mayo.


Buffalo chickpea-bella baked avocado

Hellooooo, Meatless Monday! This stuffed avocado from Spa Bettie has a kick, thanks to some buffalo sauce that’s combined with chickpeas, Portobello mushrooms, shallots and — drum roll, please — goat cheese. It actually uses vegan goat cheese, but obviously you can use whatever goat cheese you darn well choose.


Avocado with poached eggs

In case you love avocado slices with your fried eggs like we do, prepare yourself! We’re about to blow your mind: Avocado slices are for avocado amateurs. Real avocado eaters put the egg INSIDE the avocado and sprinkle some cayenne, salt and cilantro chutney on top. Boom.