17 ways to use up that leftover rice


Potful of white rice

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Especially when you’re living on a tight budget, rice can really have your back. Of course, letting leftovers sit for weeks until you have to throw them away kind of defeats the purpose of trying to be frugal in the first place. So here are 17 different ways to use up that leftover rice, and we promise not one of them is boring.


1. Arancini (rice balls) with marinara sauce

Arancini (rice balls)

These rice balls by Just A Taste are like deliciously fortified mozzarella sticks and an excellent way to use boring leftover rice.


2. Costa Rican rice and beans

Costa Rican rice and beans

Got leftover rice you want or need to use up? Add some beans to it! Check out this recipe for Costa Rican rice by Perry's Plate.


3. Wild rice porridge with cardamom, pecan and pear

Wild rice porridge

Feel like something sweet instead of something savory? No problem. Check out this recipe for wild rice porridge featured on Chow.com.


4. Rice fritters

Rice fritters

We love fritters around here, so we naturally love this recipe from Food Bridge, which puts leftover rice to good, fritter-y use.


5. Mexican fried rice

Mexican fried rice

Leftover rice makes for excellent fried rice, and this Mexican-inspired recipe from Recipetin Eats is perfect, especially if you feel like spicing things up a little.


6. Megan-simple chili soup

Megan-simple soup

Offbeat Home's recipe for chili soup uses leftover rice and (a ton of) cheese. Adjust the cheese to keep things healthier.


7. Roasted red peppers stuffed with swiss chard and brown rice

Roasted red peppers stuffed with swiss chard and rice

Got leftover rice? Combine it with swiss chard and other ingredients and make some roasted stuffed peppers, just like Yes to Yolks does.


8. Rice bread

Rice bread

This recipe by My Diverse Kitchen is not gluten-free. It adds cooked leftover rice to all-purpose and whole wheat flour.