18 satisfying snacks that are only 100 calories each


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For many of us, regardless of whether we're trying to lose weight, snacking is a necessary evil. A snack attack may come at 3 p.m. during that most dangerous of afternoon slumps or during a late night out after a few glasses of wine.

If you reach for a candy bar or a bag of potato chips, then, yeah, you're in trouble. Of course, snacking itself is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you make smarter food choices. Packaged snacks — even those that boast "just" 100 calories — aren't always the best choice that will keep you satisfied between meals.

SparkPeople has compiled a list of snacks made with real food that have real filling power, thanks to fiber and water content as well as lean protein. Check out this list of 18 snack ideas — all of them clocking in at no more than 100 calories — and get them ready for the week.


h/t SparkPeople.com